Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Scrap Heap - Deconstructed

It is time to address The Scrap Heap. Hello, Scrap Heap.

This is the table that receives all the piles of paper that I collect during my monthly Clean Sweeps. It started out as a table to hold my paper cutters, but it quickly morphed into something much more ominous.

In order to deal with this ... this ... collection of goodness, I felt it necessary to deconstruct the Heap into its parts-is-parts.

When complete, my workshop table (the receiving end of the Heap), looked like this. Let's check it out, shall we?

On this side of the table we have The Colors ... piles of colors. Look familiar? Why yes, they do! This is how I came to have so much card stock, sorted by color, to necessitate the Great Scrap G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y a while back, where you lovely people agreed to take all that s-crap off my hands, and I do thank you. However, I have no desire to return to that storage-challenging situation, so I simply will not.

I have piles of Greens, Blues, Yellows, Reds/Pinks/Oranges, and Purples. That small pile of Baja + Choc Chip + some DS paper at the bottom right of the photo is left over from this past workshop's kit prep, and it will be used together. It will!

On the other side of the table are my Neutrals. White/Vanilla, Grey/Gray/RiverRock, Browns/Kraft, and Black. Lotsa Black.

Then we have the stacks of patterned papers. At the top (back) is a pile of all SU scraps. At the bottom (front) are all the non-SU scraps. Easy.

Front and Center we have ... the UFO Heap. Unfinished Objects. Scraplings. Punched stuff. Layered pieces. In short - cards waiting to happen. Since I plan to use the UFO Heap to get started on the Scrap-O-Rama, let's look a little closer at the material I have given myself.

Pieces of retired Charbon DS paper already layered on Basic Gray. One of the pieces even has ribbon already! Sweet!

Here we have a cut-out of a Cod. Yes, a Cod. Why would I have a Cod? Well, actually, I have quite a few of them in that UFO pile, and this is why:

... this stamp set by River City Rubber Works. I have made cards with this set, and I guess it was a victim of a Clean Sweep, because it has been buried in that Heap since last Summer.

Oh, look! A card just screaming to be made! Actually, these pieces of patterned paper were purchased together and cut into, but failed to make it all the way to cards.

Here we have a piece of Alcohol + Ink + Glossy Paper project that did not make it to the Purple Chunky Book of at least a year ago, if not more.

This is a gorgeous piece of tissue paper, and while I have used a small piece of it in the past, there is a ton of it here. Guess I'll need to use some more of it, and soon. I could paper a wall with this stuff and still have some left.

Hey, June! Is this the same paper you used on your box? The one where I exclaimed, "Hey, I have that paper!"??

Here we have the After pic of the former Scrap Heap table. Maybe if I move quickly enough, I can find a home for that paper cutter and box of crayons, and put.the.table.away. Tomorrow. There is no more 'quickly' left in this bod tonight, and my back hurts right now, anyway, so fuh-get-aboutit.

I have high hopes that by starting with the UFO pile, I can make a pretty decent dent in this Heap before my April workshops. And because the 12th is Easter, I moved my April sessions to the 19th, so I have an extra week to tackle this. Yay!

I have to tell you, though, that this was a most-excellent trip down memory lane. I discovered papers in there I'd forgotten I had! I even found several packs of paper: Glossy White, Paper Vellum, Card Stock Vellum, and some Silver. Sigh.

So watch for Scrap Heap creations in the coming weeks! The wheels are already turning. Slowly, but moving nonetheless. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. ok, it's official, you have more paper than god...c'mon, you know he's a cardmaker! HELLO

    also, my captcha word is "diest"...kinda weird and creepy

  2. I love Mary Dawn's comment! hee hee hee

    And I love this is so Leslie, and I love her :)

    I also see fabulous cards waiting to be made..the Basic Grey UFO; the Charbon/basic gray w/ ribbon; the cod (totally Leslie!); and those fabulous paper strips that coordinate. Yes, I can hear them screaming all the way across the river, "make me into cards, Leslie!!!"

    Can we see pics as the pile slims down???

    I hope I did not mislead you...your tissue paper that matches my photo box? I bought it that way many moons ago. I did not cover it. But I DID own some of that print on 8.5x11 cs and made cards too long ago to recall. It is so beautiful.

  3. You have more paper than God and any 6 cardmakers I know....WOW!!! You could make a hundred cards at least out of that lot without touching new paper! You can do it...we're cheering you on :)

  4. You and Stefani are right. I am an amateur...

    What a beautiful fireplace!


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