Monday, March 16, 2009

UHC Challenge #7

This week's Under-Appreciated Holiday Challenge celebrates Sorry Charlie Day, which will be observed on April 6th. This is a day for all of us who have been spurned, and yet somehow survived it.

For me, when I hear "Sorry, Charlie", I think of a puppy we got when I was a kid. A neighbor had found a 6-week-old pup by the side of the road, and my Mom agreed to take him. We cut down a box for him and filled it with towels for a bed. The box was a Charmin TP box, and we called him Charmin' Charlie. Turns out he was a sickly pup, and he was at the Vet a lot his first few weeks, and we changed the Charmin' Charlie to Sorry, Charlie. He did get better, but the name stuck, and he was in our family for over 13 good years.

So when I saw Sorry, Charlie Day, I thought of my Charlie, and did not feel like making a card about being spurned at all! 'Tis much better to make a happy card, dontcha think!?

So here is my Sorry, Charlie Day card (yes, I've added the comma, because it needs a comma).

I got this stamp in Florida one year, along with the sentiment, and I really like them. I sell a lot of cards with these images to dog-lovers, because really, no matter how bad your day was, when you get greeted at the door by your furry family beast, what could be better than that? Except maybe snuggling on the couch with the furry one. There's no better way to end your day!

The sentiment reads: "There is nothing better than to end a bad day covered in dog slobber."


  1. Oh...I love this card!!! I love dogs and I can't wait to live somewhere that I can get myself a lovely puppy. That sentiment is sooooo true...dogs can just make the world a much, much nicer place to be.
    Plus I think this is a much nicer card than one for being spurned (though I love that's so Victorian!) does one go about making a card for being spurned??? I may have to think up some naughty sentiments for that one...hehehehehe!

  2. Did "Sorry, Charlie" predate the Starkist ad? - Charlie isn't going to be canned tuna. This was a loss to Charlie BECAUSE??! So maybe being "spurned" is a blessing in disguise?

    Any more word on Kitty's nose?


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