Monday, March 2, 2009

My UHC #6 Card

First, I have failed. Miserably. My most excellent idea for my Multiple Personality Day card eludes me. Why? Because my stamp has gone missing, that's why! LOCK THE DOORS!!!!! Sigh ... somewhere In There, is a stamp that says, "You're just jealous because the voices don't talk to you." Do you agree that would have been a fabulous sentiment to help celebrate Multiple Personality Day? I thought so. It may not happen.

So I went back to my original Chocolate-Covered Raisins Day idea. Caution: Stream of consciousness is about to begin ... largely to justify the creation, you understand. Chocolate-covered Raisins ... Raisins ... The California Raisins dancing to "Heard It Through The Grapevine" ... Cool raisins ... small and brown ... coffee beans are small and brown ... and if they were 'cool' like the dancing raisins ... we'd have cool coffee beans ... and I have that stamp!!!! Lookie:

I am so very proud of this card! First, it started out as a CASE of this one (using SU papers instead) in an attempt to get to Project #4 for this weekend. After I had it pretty much all cut, I counted the layers, I thought about cutting them all for 12+ kits, and I promptly re-thunk the idea, but I had all the parts-is-parts laying there, so I used them.

Also, I remembered that SU introduced Sage Shadow grosgrain ribbon this year, and I (of course) bought it in August and I am just now opening it. Sad, considering Sage Shadow was the whole reason I even looked at SU 6 years ago! But I digress.

Because I am old, and I actually experienced the 60's, I know some hip phrases, even though I would only use them myself in jest. So I wrote them in around the beans. (Yes, my Close to Cocoa marker is dying on the pen side.)

So there you have it - a "Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day"-inspired card. And if I ever find that other sentiment stamp, you'll get to see a Multiple Personality Day card, too.

ETA: Patterned paper: SU To The Nines Specialty Paper; Stamps: Hambo Stamps

On another note, it snowed for real last night:

I love snow! I don't even mind shoveling it!

Doesn't this look pretty? Quiet solitude. A blanket of white, muffling sounds and just sooo peaceful. And on the way home this evening, you'd never even know it had snowed earlier in the day. Thank you, road crews!!

And thank you for stopping by!


  1. mmmmm...I'm not entirely sure I follow your reasoning from Chocolate Covered Raisins to Coffee Beans...but if it works for you...
    Pity you couldn't find that stamp though...sounds really need me to come over and organise the Other Room for you...pity it's soooooo far ;)
    I'm so hoping that we're getting some Sage Shadow ribbon in the new catty...I love that colour and you've just reminded me it's ages since I used it. Right, I'm off to play :)

  2. Maybe the stamp will turn up before next year! The cool beans one turned out great! Look at all that snow...we got a ton last week...Kathy Hering


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