Thursday, August 30, 2012

CASEd Trellis Card

The other day I saw this card on the Simon Says Stamp blog, and I knew I needed to CASE it. This is totally not my style, but I have the punch she used, and I needed to try it, just once.

Please keep in mind this is my first try, and it's a bit rough:

Okay, a lot rough, but I still tried! What I found interesting in her video is she completely ignores the measuring instructions that come with these punches (maybe more with the Punch Around The Page sets) and she does her own thing. I love a rebel, and someone who takes the time to figure this stuff out for the rest of us!

Me, being me, I ignored her advice to not cut the loops. Okay, I followed her advice about the loops to know which way to trim the diagonal, but I also trimmed the punched pieces, because I needed them to be smaller. Square is bad enough, but BIG square wasn't going to happen in my world.

I also had a rough time lining up the diagonals, so the worst of the lot got put on the top right and was disguised with a handmade rolled flower. It's all about the embellishments. :)

It's a lot straighter in real life than it looks in this photo. Or maybe not.  I may try this again one day, but for now I think it's out of my system.

In other news, I realized yesterday that Monday is a holiday in the USofA. With the 3-day weekend, I plan to disappear a few of my 6x6 paper packs based on the idea in this post on the Operation Write Home blog. I'm getting ready to send off some of my holiday cards, and what better way to fill up the box than with a pile of other cards? :)

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  1. Beautiful card! That punch really makes a bold statement! Love the snowflake with the inked edges too.

  2. You did a great job with that punch, and I like how your card turned out! Don't you just love it when adding a flower covers up a boo-boo in such a beautiful way!? Good luck with making those 6x6 paper pads disappear :)

  3. I saw that card and I think you did a fine job for the first time around. Thankfully, I don't own that punch so I don't have to torture myself with it. I thought of trying it with another punch, but decided my day was going well and I didn't want to spoil it!

  4. I love this card! And 'mistakes' are opportunities for embellishment. It was meant to be.
    BTW, today's funny quote? I distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink....oh my lord, I laughed right out loud ;) Camels are shifty buggers! lol

  5. wow... i remember i wanted to CASE this one, but I chickened out. It is so beautiful, great job!
    Maybe I will dare one of these days...maybe not :-)

  6. Not "rough" at all!!! Just beautiful!


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