Friday, August 3, 2012

DTGD - Loaded Up

Apparently I didn't read the rules over at the Splitcoast Dare To Get Dirty challenge thread. Well, they called it an FAQ, like I'd know that contained rules. Pffth. Oh, and each challenge also contained the rules, but I didn't read past the "I challenge you to make a card with ..." part. Yeah, I was bad.

So I'm not supposed to tell you the specifics of these challenges, since it's for Fan Club* members only, but I can tell you I am about 30 challenges behind, so I broke one of my own rules (lots of rule-breaking going on here ...) and loaded up as many challenges as I could onto each card in a desperate attempt to gain some ground.

I am very proud to announce that I made two cards and knocked out nine challenges. :)  Here is my first card:

This one includes a sketch (DTGD12rainy), colors (DTGD12Basilefamily), and also other elements for the DTGD12va.sunshine and DTGD12Bevmom challenges. (See, not too specific.)

For my next trick, I combined five challenges here:

This one also includes a sketch (DTGD12Jellybean74), colors (DTGD12Jmasse), and other elements for the DTGD12Texasgrammy, DTGD12AndreaEwen, and DTGD12mom2n2 challenges.

At this rate I just may catch up this weekend! Yee-hah! If you have some spare time, I think you should play, too. Lots of fun!

I'm off to get some zzzzzzs so I can stamp some more tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

*If you find you can't access parts of the DTGD challenge forums, etc, it's because you need to be a paying member of Splitcoast. It's only $29.95/year, and it's totally worth it for all the goodness and inspiration they provide to the crafty community. Think about it, k? Fan Club page is here, in case you have any questions.


  1. You hit it out of the park twice, my friend. These are so fun and vibrant and you used some of your washi! I'm proud of your letting go some of it :-)

  2. these are GORGEOUS... times TWO!!! ♥♥♥

  3. I am not a member of the fan club but Lydia has been posting a lot of the challenge cards to Pinterest. These are both wonderful - you are the queen of Washi tape!

  4. bright colors - love them!!! Aren't they exactly the colors of the new neon pads? he-he


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