Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SOS #63 - Monocrome

It's TUESDAY, and time for another Shopping Our Stash challenge. This week we ask you to make a Monochrome card. You can include some neutral, but it should be mostly your color of choice.

I decided to challenge myself to use my second-most-disliked color: Purple. The trouble I have with purple is it's so difficult to match. That's one bennie of SU stuff - all that matchy-matchy takes a lot of the work out of it, but if I use another company's patterned papers, I go nuts trying to get just the right purple. I find it easier to simply avoid the color all together.

For my card, I started out in my purple remnants pile, and thought I'd take all my purples that go with nothing and declare they went together. They didn't. So I went to The Heaplet, grabbed a piece of SU DSP remnant, and made this:

I did manage to use two purples: Wisteria Wonder and Concord Crush. Concord Crush is one purple I actually don't mind too much. I was following this month-old sketch from Some Odd Girl:

In this gratuitous close up you can see the rolled flower I made out of vellum:

Vellum is a slippery bugger, and it didn't cooperate as nicely as patterned paper does. I just hand-cut a rough circle, then cut it into a spiral and rolled it up. After the glue had dried, I added a pearl colored with a Copic marker, then went over the edges of the vellum with a purple Sharpie.

You can also see the texture on that horizontal piece of Concord Crush under the flower. I used my now-opened MFT Grosgrain Texture Board on it; it's a nice subtle pattern.

Now it's YOUR turn. Go into your stash and choose a color -- could be your favorite color, your most disliked color, a color you don't usually use ... JUST PICK ONE. Make a card with it, then come back to Shopping Our Stash and link us up so we can see what you've made!

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  1. My purple opinion exactly! Can't match it for beans. Sheesh. Well, not match, so much as not look awful together.
    That lattice piece is awesome, and I love that sentiment!

  2. you are SO RIGHT about the purple-matchin' connundrum!!!! on the other hand, this is where the "collage gene" pays off b/c you can just put a bit of EVERY purple on there and call it good! :)

    ANOTHER thing absolutely ANYONE would have to call good, or rather superb, is this ♥GOREGOUS♥ card which, i have to tell you, NO ONE would guess you didn't loooooooooooove making!!!!

  3. Leslie - I am very proud of you ;) Purple happens to be one of my favorite colors but you are right it can be tricky to match. You did a great job! I love the die you used and that embossing plate from MFT may have to find a home at my place sometime soon!

  4. Oh, you have the most gorgeous dies! Another fab card, Leslie :)

  5. Beautiful and perfectly designed! Your creativity is in overdrive lately - loving it!


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