Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Aftermath

Today was another day off for me, and it was a good thing, too. I had a full house last night for my third of three Stamp Camps, and by 9:15 pm, I was too tired to put everything away. The past few Stamp Camps I've taken the "leave it until tomorrow" approach because I also make the cards from the remaining kits. This is a win-win-win-win for me: I have fewer kits collecting in my stash, I have more cards to sell, everything is pre-cut and ready to go, and all the supplies are already out and waiting for me. I just make the cards at one station, clean up, then move to the next station. By the time I'm done, I have a stack of finished cards and everything is ready to be put away.

Here's the result of about 2 hours of stamping this morning:

Look at all that stamped loveliness. All ready to be bagged and tagged for this weekend's craft show.

See that circled card:

That's one I haven't shown you yet because it was a last-minute entry. I had made the one on the right a while ago using the Northern Trim letterpress plate, but the plate went missing and I had to scramble as late as Sunday morning (I KNOW!) and I finally decided to use the Joyful Season letterpress plate instead of just bagging the whole idea. This was a bonus project that let The Ladies play with Letterpress and they all loved it!

While I was stamping this morning, I went to clean a stamp on my Stampin' Scrub, and look:

Cat hair! INSIDE the Stampin' Scrub. Sigh.

One of the messiest projects this time was this Shimmer Paint with Daubers:

Every stinkin' surface in here is shiny with glimmery remnants, including my laptop keyboard.

So 2 hours of work for all this:

... 16 cards! Not a bad day. Not bad at all. As I finished each card, I cleaned up that station. The dirty stamps landed in this pile:

... and all the other supplies landed in this pile:

Now all I need to do is put everything away in the Captain's Quarters, and I'll be able to see the top of the Dining Room table again.

See that small pile of letterpressed papers:

Those are boo-boos that I just don't have the heart to toss. I think a few of them can be saved if I use a die to cut out the part that didn't get schmeared with blue ink from my fingers. DOH!

After I finish with that, my next self-assigned task is to get started on some framed stuff for this weekend's craft show. But first, I need a work surface, and right now, the Captain's Table looks really, really bad.

You know how I like to take one for the team, right? Well, I found a very cool Web site last night called Merit Badger. (hang with me, peeps, this will all make sense in a sec) They make free badges for your blog, and the only thing you need to do to earn one is to post a comment telling them why you think you deserve it. They say okay, and then you just take it. Too easy! Guess which one I wanted. Look at this and just guess:

Yep! I wanted (and got) this one: The Invisible Desk. HAHA! It was too funny, and sadly true, so I had to have it. Here's the badge:

and I shall proudly display it in my sidebar.

Now let me explain myself and The Situation. Granted, my work space was down to about 6"x6", but when I cleared off the Dining Room table for the Stamp Camps, all that stuff had to go somewhere, so most of it landed in that 6x6 space and on top of the other pile(s) of stuff. Now I have to bag & tag some cards and put away a few things before I can get to work on those framed thingies. But it will happen. IT WILL. IT MUST!

I'm going to go clean up now. Maybe even stamp something!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE the badge ! And yes you EARNED it.
    in answer to your question on my blog. No I did not do all of those things in one day. I have been missing for 4 days. The last AEDM post was on 11/5.

  2. If anyone earned that badge you did honey! Congratulations LOL

  3. That badge is perfect for you! And me...
    My Sunday/Monday purge ended abruptly. Not sure when I can get back in my craft room to continue the effort to purge. I need to create, but the dresser purge made my workspace look similar to you CQ desk. I love to organize when the motivation is high (like now) but I am frustrated that I have other things I HAVE to do first *sigh*. With the Sun./Mon. work I also ended up with 13 cards that I packaged, labelled, invoiced and took to the coffee shop yesterday. Wahoo!!!


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