Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Marathon, Part Seven (A CARD!)

I know, I know. I said I wouldn't make any more holiday cards, but these folded trees were in the UFO pile and they were bothering me. I could not understand why mine didn't look like these, and I just chalked it up to "no mojo" and abandoned the whole thing. Pthth.

Until tonight. I was determined to make it work. With encouragement from one of my tweeps who told me she had to trim the bottom of the tree to make it look not so lop-sided, I bring you tonight's card:

... and what I hope will be my last holiday card for this season. I added red glitter-pen dots to the tree to help it blend with the other red, and I added glue dots under the folds to stick it down, which maybe wasn't such a great idea. I clipped off the tines/legs of the brad and stuck it to the tree with a couple of glue dots.

Boring? Maybe. Off my table? YES!

I really, really, really want to make something irreverent. Maybe it will come to me in a dream. I have all day tomorrow, right? :/

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  1. Thats very cute Leslie!

    as in: My purse becomes a PERSACK near Christmas with all the shopping I do.

  2. I saw that same tree on the other blog and I had to trim the bottom to make it less wonky, too. I searched for some other instructions and tried folding some on my own and they didnt get any better. I think yours looks good!


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