Monday, November 8, 2010

One More Card

Happy Monday, everyone! I can say that because I took today off. :) I've started doing that on the weekends I have my Stamp Camps, mostly because I need some time to decompress, and let's not forget the laundry.

I did come up with another project for The Ladies, and it was late Saturday night. Here's what I made:

I CASEd it right out of the Holiday mini catalog - p 32. In the catalog, it's on the side of a bag and it's much bigger, but it was simple to modify into a card. I desperately wanted The Ladies to experience this paper, and what better way than to have them fondle all of it while punching out circles of varying sizes? Even though this was a simple card to make, they spent a lot of time arranging their circles. The fun part for me was seeing how every card came out differently. Even the one made by someone who hates intensely dislikes green (I KNOW!) made hers all pink and red and blue, and it was beautiful!

I had two sessions yesterday, and I have another one tonight. There will be 8 Ladies here this evening, so it will be quite cozy, but FUN! We always have fun. Except when I'm biotchy, which I fear I was Sunday afternoon. Sorry, Ladies. ;(

In other news, one of The Ladies and I discussed my craft overflow situation, and try as I might to defend my "I have 10 pounds of crap in a 5-pound condo" position, she kept after me about it all, so this morning I decided to address the overflow in the Living Room. And you know what? I disappeared a lot of it! I DID! All those cards I made 5 years ago no longer seemed worth saving! And my idea of Heap-worthy scraps remnants has changed over time, and a lot of those didn't make the cut. I started a second recycle bag! Whoot!

And she suggested I stop hoarding my unsold stamp sets and unused/left-over class kits and just give them away! I KNOW! She is so smart! I need to work on those ideas, or, I dunno, maybe USE the left-over kit materials, at least. Hey, it could happen.

I also went through some stuff in the Captain's Quarters, and, well, let's just say I can smell a give-away coming soon to a blog near you. Maybe more than one! I need to make room for all my overflow crafty stuff!

Next up, I'll tackle the Captain's Table, and hopefully get in some stamping time tomorrow. I have a show this Saturday (Lake Marion Community Center, Montgomery Village, MD), and I really need to get to work. If I actually make anything, I'll be sure to show you!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice, but my fave will always be the "Peas On Earth". That one was hysterical. :)

  2. I cased that one from the mini as well, and also loved how everyone came up with such different wreaths.

    Now what's this peas on earth one?

    emmaincanada from twitter!

  3. although I love a give-away cuz free stuff is always so much fun...

    have you thought of donating some of the kits and/or stamps/remnants to your local children's hospital. I understand our children's hospital keeps supplies either in the hospital or at the Ronald McDonald house for families to use.

    Just a thot!

  4. I LOVE this card! I will be CASEing thus one for sure!

  5. If you have enough you could host an open house and have a big discount on everything. Then you'd have money to buy MORE overflow stuff ;)

  6. SQUEEEE..thats adorable..I am going to CASE it (Like how I ask?? LOL)
    I am going to tweek it a little my blog over the next little while :-)

  7. Hah! So interesting to see this post today of all days. I have been feeling the stress of being behind for MONTHS. Okay, so Im not going to whine about it...that's just boring. You know I have an idea in my head of what I want my craft room to look like: pretty, inspirational, organized, efficient, and like a magazine picture. Every time I purge, I get closer, but I also keep accumulating papers and embellies and dies...
    Anywho, I decided to take small steps. Sunday night I decided to only focus on my old white dresser in my craft room. I spent about two hours, but I filled a box with cross-stitch kits, aida cloth, pattern books, plastic canvas, etc. I may still cross-stitch in the future, but probably not with those supplies...too kitschy. I was able to throw away or donate 1/2 of what was in that old dresser! Monday morning (yesterday) I had an epiphany to donate my old For The Love of Cross-Stitch magazines. Then I took all of the magazines (3 magazine racks full) and the box to The Good Shepherd donation center. One small step closer...
    I had a "keep on truckin'" attitude all day yesterday. I was exhausted, but I never slowed down yesterday. I got a lot of things accomplished that I have been behind on and I even managed to get most of my online Christmas shopping done too. I am energized to keep on truckin' today with budget stuff that I am 3 months behind on filing, etc.
    I need to organize my computer blog pics again...maybe tomorrow...until then, keep on truckin', my friend!


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