Friday, November 12, 2010

Don't Judge Me

Creative Avoidance has set in once again, and instead of making framed thingies for tomorrow's show, I am making a card for a challenge. To justify this, I also made 3 more to sell tomorrow. (so she says)

The challenge du jour is the 100th Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. Today's inspiration is Pride & Prejudice. Of course, I think of the version of the movie with the dreamy Colin Firth, but I digress.

Most people will come up with normal cards for this challenge, but I never claimed to be normal. After Colin Firth, the first thing I remember about this movie is the mother's voice. OMG, it's like nails on a chalkboard. Every time she went into a drama episode - "Oh, my, shall we ever find suitable husbands for all our daughters?! *wail*", all the girls would sit there demurely and roll their eyes. I can only think THIS is what was going through their minds:

See her lace hanky? We were supposed to use lace. :)

Since I was feeling guilty about my distraction, I used the same image and made three of these:

There. One challenge done, and a total of four cards for tomorrow's inventory. Now off to the Post Office and the grocery.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA oh I love it!!! How funny. And how PERFECT.

    And speaking of perfect, I whole-heartedly agree about Colin Firth. :-D

  2. THAT is SO true!! I love your fun and creative take of the P. and P. Perfect sentiment and image! (PS: I hope I will not become Mrs. Bennett when I grow old....). My DD will definitely roll her eyes!

  3. You said it and this card is just perfect. Says it all. Loved the lace handkerchief idea.

  4. Oh my goodness! Perfection! I had a similar train of thought. There are too many deliciously awful people in P&P not to find them inspiring. ;) Adore the little hanky!

  5. Love it!! The quote is perfect for the film -Hahaha!
    I love the little lace hankie too.
    Great card!

  6. Ok the first thing that caught my eye was the awesome way you used the lace! Way to totally ROCK that inspiration challenge.. Then.... I read the sentiment... I had such a great giggle.. LOVE IT!!! You totally captured the challenge.. Please join us again.. What great humor you have...


  7. What a great card especially when you think of some of the relatives in Pride and Prejudice!

  8. I really think these cards are great - the stamp, the lace and the sentiments that made me laugh!

    Good luck!

    Here's mine:


  9. Wow I love this card. Where did you get that sentiment "dont judge me by my relatives", genius I love it? Really where did you get it from.


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