Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Quickie Card

Last night when I posted this quickie card, little did I know it was kismet. Fate. The Right Thing. You see, Hambo is having a challenge/contest over on their blog to link to one of your recent masculine birthday cards. Now, we all know how challenging making a masculine card can be, am I right?

So fresh on the heels of last night's success, I found myself saying, "If only that had been a birthday card ..." when I got a clue and remembered the stack of remaining UFOs on my Captain's Chair. I just made the same card with a birthday sentiment and voila:

A masculine birthday card. DONE! 5 minutes, tops, and that's because I had a tough time tearing that bottom edge through the tape.

So I'm off to enter the Hambo contest, and then maybe I'll make the rest of those UFOs into more cards for Saturday's holiday craft show. I need to have something on hand to sell, you know. ;/

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Great masculine card! Thanks for entering it in the Hambo contest!


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