Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Marathon, Part Third

Everything I have touched today has failed me. Well, the laundry went okay. And I showered and got dressed without too much trouble. Okay, everything CARD-RELATED I've tried today has failed me. I've started no less than 5 projects, and nothing has worked since that last one I posted. I am having a seriously awful, no-good, very bad day.

Then I read this and stopped feeling sorry for myself. Trevor's favorite color is blue (I asked), so since I had everything blue out on the table, I grabbed this heart stamp from my so-what-if-its-retired-I-will-never-give-it-up stamp drawer and made a card:

I think 12-year-old boys might be just a bit more difficult to make cards for than men in general. Since he is having heart surgery, I decided it was okay to use a heart on the card. I tried to lighten it up with a fun sentiment from The Cat's Pajamas. And lookie:

I remembered to cut it long enough to fold it and pop it up like a banner! YAY, me!

So if you'd like to send a card to Trevor or his family, the information is here.

I'll be back later if anything else paper-related actually works for me today. :/ Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's beautiful you are AWESOME ! That rocks.

  2. Thank you so much.. the card is beautiful! Also BIG thanks for passing along Trevor's story.

  3. This is a beautiful card! I'm so glad I'm a part of this, because people are making art for this boy.



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