Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Marathon, Part Ten (2 more cards)

I am pleased to report I have two more card designs done. This first one was again dictated by the available supplies. I have several pieces of this paper in my "to be put away" section of the Heaplet (yes, it has sections):

... and I decided I needed to use it with the Spring Chicken sentiment. My only disappointment was not having one Nestie in my vast collection that fit that sentiment. I KNOW! HOW can this be?!?!?! So I decided to go with this one and add some bling in the white space. I made three of these, all a little different, depending on where that sassy bird was on the paper.

This next one is a sympathy card:

If it's possible to have a "go to" sympathy card, this would be mine. All sorts of people buy it - men, women, teens. It's a great one when you don't want anything too flowery or sappy. It can also be used for someone going through a rough time. Just a good all-around card.

The stamps are from Endless Creations, and are several years old. The words are all one stamp (like *I* could get them that straight) and the square images are all separate. You may not recognize those colors. They are the original In Colors from 2007 - Vintage Violet, Marigold Morning, Cranberry Crisp, True Thyme and Buckeroo Blue. I still have some hoarded card stock, and I am using it sparingly. One day I will be forced to come up with another color combination, but I'm pretty sure it won't beat this one. Oh, I made 4 of these.

That's 7 more cards for next weekend! Whoot! I have another sympathy set in the queue, and THEN I'll get to those now-neglected Hambo stamps. They must be very sad by now.

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