Sunday, November 14, 2010

Come Let Us Ignore You

I have been futzing all day with an idea, and I finally put it aside and made something I just KNEW I couldn't mess up. I messed it up anyway. :(

So here's the card (one that worked):

I stamped 6 of these, and ended up with 3+. I'll explain that + part in a sec. The first two I embossed and were total disasters, so they are toast - trash - gone. I was down to 4. I grabbed what I thought was Marina Mist blue, and I FAILED to notice I'd grabbed Baja Breeze instead. Imagine my joy when I went to tie the nice skinny Marina Mist taffeta ribbon around the layers and saw I had the wrong color! ACK! Fortunately for moi, when Baja Breeze retired, I bought every stinkin' piece of Baja ribbon I could find, including the Ribbon Original pack containing the yummy satin I used here. (phew!)

The fun thing about this stamp is it takes very little to make it look good. I have never colored the cats. I just color the window panes with a very light blue, add a blue layer, some ribbon, and color the cats' bows with a red glitter pen. How hard is this? Well check this out:

Look at that middle cat's ear:

Yep! I started to color THE CAT! EEEEEEK! And DRAT! Sigh. Well, I don't want to toss it, and red glitter is pretty hard to un-do, so I'm going with the "he got into the glitter" story. Yeah, he is in so much trouble.

I might make some more of these this week. If I do, I might even add one to my dying Etsy shop.

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  1. I'd explain the red ear away as he'd been in a cat fight.

  2. Pssst...if you draw a line down the right side of the ear, it will just look like it's supposed to be the inside part of his ear. Or just color the damn cat.

  3. You could add more spots of brow, tan, etc.. and make him a calico.


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