Tuesday, November 16, 2010

VooDoo Birthday

There is much crafty goodness in the house this evening. Last night my Hambo Stamps order arrived, and it's loaded with irreverence. Hambo is one of my go-to places to stock up on new funny or just a little off-center sentiments. Speaking of crooked, lookie what I just made:

I have coveted this voodoo stamp for ages, and I finally treated myself. I've made "Don't make me get my voodoo doll" cards in the past with a photo I took of my own voo-doo doll (Yes, I have one. Why do you look surprised?), but this stamp image is way more better. I also opted to get this two-part sentiment, the first part of which is on the outside. I actually wanted both parts on the outside, as I don't do insides, but it was not to be. Here's the rest of that sentiment on the inside:

And guess what?! It's crooked! It's die-cut because I'd originally planned to, you know, put it on the outside, but once I'd decided it needed to be on the inside, and knowing how pathetic I am at getting the inside straight (which is why I don't do insides), I felt relieved to see that all I needed to do was stick the pre-cut shape on the inside. I got it crooked anyway. I'll probably re-do this one so I'll sleep tonight.

Oh, and I also found out that Monica, aka: Mrs Hambo, lives in Richmond, which is only 2 hours from here! I smelled a ROAD TRIP! I immediately went to the web site and saw *gasp* a note that said, "This is not a retail location." RATS! I guess that's so people don't just pull up in her driveway and expect to shop or something. You think? :) *waves in the generally Southern direction*

In other news, I got more stampy goodness delivered to my door this evening, but I shall hold off talking about it until I actually use it. A novel concept, I know.

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! HAHHAHHAHAHHAH!!!! I know of a few people who could use a card like that. ;) Awesome.

  2. I love this card! You crack me up Leslie!

  3. Awesome Leslie! I love those die-cut shapes. Waving back up at you! :)


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