Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Marathon, Part Four(th)

For my next trick, I told The Ladies we'd make a version of this in December's Stamp Camp:

The "purse" will hold 4-6 cards & envelopes. It's made with SU card stock, but all the DSP and bling is Heidi Grace from many years ago. Totally illegal in an SU class. Last month one of my customers brought a purse she'd purchased at a craft show that was made with the SU Deck the Halls vintage-y papers, and it was beautiful! It reminded me of these. It used a base very similar to the one I'd made, but the "shape" was stuck onto the front and back to make it more purse-like. Everyone ooooh'd and aaaaah'd over it, and then looked at me with pleading eyes, and I said Yes, fine, okay. There was joy in Muddville.

For my Stamp Camps, I decided I wouldn't go for the whole "purse" look (no patience for that, plus The Ladies have to be able to make it in under 30 minutes) - I just wanted it to be "not square". This is what I came up with:

Before I got to this point, I tried many different things, a few of which I'll show you here. First, the bling-less version:

Boooooring. It needed something, but I wasn't sure what. I kicked around a few ideas with some of my Tweeps, and decided it needed a red flower. I tried this one:

It's 3 scallop circles, fan-folded and stuck together. It's totally crooked, and it was a little too much work. Believe it or not, I do think about my experience and what The Ladies will endure when I make up this stuff. Keeping in mind they would also need to make the purse, I decided this flower wasn't going to happen.

Next up was this one:

Not nearly as dimensional as the first one, but sooooo easy to make. SOLD!

Here's the whole purse again:

... and that beeeeautiful flower, up close and personal:

And because I cannot post anything without at least one out-of-focus photo, this is the side view that shows how the box is covered by the front and back shaped panels:

Yeah, my head is swimming from the out-of-focus, too.

I may go back and add some more stuff to it, like maybe a piece of lace tied to one of the handles. Maybe.

You may notice I still haven't made any Birthday or irreverent cards this weekend. Yeah, I'm running a little behind. I need to kick-start my mojo, or something. I'm attending the AVAM BAZAART show tomorrow, so maybe all that funky stuff will wake up some of my brain cells.

Thanks for stopping by!

ETA: HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, total FAIL! The whole reason I wanted to make this purse was because the sample my customer showed everyone had a pocket on the outside that would be perfect for a gift card. Do you see a pocket on this purse?! Nooooooo, you do not! Did I purchase the die for the sole purpose of making this purse with a pocket on the front?! Yes, I did. Ergo, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! I shall try again tomorrow. Sigh.

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  1. Leslie the bag is adorable!! Adding a little pocket should be no problem to you!
    Love the shape you made yours. :-)


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