Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafty Mail!

I bought two art pieces from one of my tweeps who lives in Holland (as in: across the pond ... The Hague ... The Netherlands; not in Michigan), and the package arrived today. Imagine my surprise when there was more crafty goodness in there besides just the two pieces I bought! I would squeeze her if she was here! Let me show you what I got:

First, her card she included in the package:

If you don't follow me on Twitter, please let me explain. My name is @crookedstamper. One of my tweeps took that and it morphed: crookedstamper --> crook --> captain crook --> pirate. Then she sent me a pic of Johnny Depp to use as my avatar, and I've been a pirate ever since. So now that card should make sense. Isn't is too cute? But wait - there's more! Look inside:

Can you believe this craftiness?! LOVE IT!

Next, there was a mystery package:

She hand-crafted the card stock + acetate cover. Inside was another package:

(I think it's chocolate. From Holland! :))

Next, I found this pretty little envelope:

... and inside, a stamp:

I'm not sure if she made this one herself or not, and since she has been without Internet connectivity for a while, she's not around to even ask. ;(

This next pic is a journal, and one of the two items I actually bought:

It's a little blurry - okay, a LOT blurry. I guess you don't want to know this is the 5th pic I took and it's the best of the bunch. ;/ I blame all that bling. Let's look at the bling close up and personal:

So pretty! This next one is also one of my purchases:

It's a painting made of bazillions of dots. I think she counted them. She used (if I recall correctly) hypodermic-type needles filled with paint to apply each of those dots. I could not make that up. Wanna see it up close? -->

Just amazing.

So there you have it - art from a crafty peep in Holland. If you'd like to see more of her creations, please see her online store and buy her stuff!

Speaking of which, I am taking all my remaining retired SU stuff to my LSS on Sunday and donating it to a local retirement home. If there is anything you want, get it now!

And thanks for stopping by!


  1. She really is a wonderful artist, our sweet little critter under the bed. And I'm missing her!!! Hope she gets her internet sorted fast.

  2. Very talented lady!

  3. Oooohh! I love the pirate! We should have done a pirate kitty for you! :)

    Hmm...maybe I need to go buy something from her. I'm jealous! I love getting stuff from overseas!


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