Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Last-Minute Cards

Once again, no, I am not dead. Very, very sluggish, maybe, but not dead. I'm saving that for tomorrow. Aaaaah, tomorrow. I have a craft show in Arlington, VA, and I've spent most of the day talking myself into actually going. I think I've hit the wall with craft shows. Instead of making more cards to fill in the table-top card racks, I decided to take one of the racks out of the car so I only have one to fill instead of two. See? No drive whatsoever. :(

Earlier this week I did make a card, but it was missing something, so I set it aside and stared at it for a few days. Tonight I decided it needed a sentiment in the middle, and thanks to a vote from Papergrace, one of my Tweeps, I used the SU "joy" sentiment and this is the result:

Isn't that fun? The paper is left over from years ago when I hoarded it. The wreath is new, the pearls were an after-thought, and I think that sentiment totally pulls the whole thing together.

Here's a close-up of the wreath and paper:

I'm quite happy with how these turned out. :)

Back to tomorrow's show. It's kinda dog-centric, so I should have some dog-y cards, but as of a few hours ago, I had nuthin'. Then a couple of my Tweeps snapped me out of it and I used the dog from my Lawn Fawn "Critters in the Burbs" set to make these:

I used a pack of white and a pack of vanilla Raised Edge Note Cards, long-ago retired from SU and hoarded by yours truly. This is just about the last of my stash. Sigh. There are 20 cards in a pack, so I made 20 of each color = 40 cards, minus a few I messed up (shocking, I KNOW!) = 7 packs of 5 and a few singles. Not bad.

Here's a closer look at one of them:

I did NOT outline around the dogs, but I did add the shadow underneath him to ground him. He looked pretty stoopid floating in the air. His tag is colored with a silver glitter pen and is very sparkly. ;)

So now I have some dog cards. I'll be sure to report on how things go tomorrow. Actually, I'll report in on Sunday, because I plan to be comatose after I get home Saturday afternoon.

In other news, I got a prezzie in the mail from Miss June! Lookie:

Soooooo cute! I'm wearing them tomorrow! :) Thanks, June! xo

That's it for now. I have to go make my "don't forget to bring ..." pile in front of the door for tomorrow. It will be dark when I get up and I am sure to forget something. It's tradition! Luckily for us they will provide coffee and lunch. Yay! I may still have to do the Krispy Kreme drive-thru on the way out of town. Not for the donuts so much as the coffee. Looove their coffee.

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  1. I really love how your "Joy" card turned out. It's just gorgeous. And, I'm glad that I could help with it. :)

    Your dog cards are super adorable!! Really, really cute.

  2. i like the way the "joy" works into the branches. everything should have a little "joy" worked into it, don't you think? Hope the show treated ya good!

    wv- "wornona" saturday, wash it on monday

  3. LOVE the wreath card! It even beats the Peas On Earth one, I'm afraid, and that's saying a lot!

  4. Love this card Captain! The wreath is stunning in it's beauty and the Joy is perfect without overwhelming it. wore kitty earrings to a doggie craft show? Tee hee..


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