Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Marathon, Part Eleven (1 more card)

One more sympathy card design - done! This was largely CASEd from this card on SCS. Here's mine:

I was attracted by her pairing of Marina Mist with Pear Pizzazz. I started out in that direction, but once I picked up my Basic Grey cappella paper pack (out on the table ... no surprise there), I knew I'd be using Artichoke instead. I still went with the Marina Mist, just to see how it would look.

I also turned my oval 90 degrees from hers, and my Marina ribbon is taffeta, not satin. And no paper piercing under the sentiment. And it's horizontal instead of vertical. And no seed beads in the flower centers. But other than that, it is exactly like hers!

After it was all assembled and photographed (such as it is), I decided it needed Crumb Cake ink sponged around the edges of the oval, so I did:


(Gratuitous close-up.) I made 4 of these, which brings my weekend total to 46. FORTY-SIX! Okay, I'm going for 50.

In other news, lookie what I made this afternoon:

A twisted ribbon rose. One of my alert Tweeps - Lisa, aka: PaperGrace *, sent me this video link, and I had to try it. So easy! I also wanted to try the "Crumb Cake ink on the embossing folder" technique, which I did here:

You can see I made a few more roses, too. This is my On Deck project. My first reaction was to pair it with Red, but that has been done to death. Also, I'm a rebel, and if everyone else is using red, I'm just going to have to use something else. Just before I started typing this post, I figured out my evil plan. These will be birthday cards, but maybe not what you might expect. heh heh

I must now go work on said evil plan. I might even finish these tonight!

Thanks for stopping by!

* PaperGrace. She is such a sweetie-head! She read my tutorial on how to make the folded paper wreath, and she made some! Check it out here and leave her some comment love. :)

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  1. I actually like your CASEd version of the card better! Hope you don't have to go back to work tomorrow, bleh! x


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