Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Quickie Card

I needed to make a quick Thank You card tonight, so I stood over The Captain's Table and looked at it, hoping inspiration would rise from the rubble crafty goodness. Hey, a girl can dream. But I spied a pile of UFOs on the chair (I said I was standing, didn't I?) and decided to use one of them. This is what came out:

The patterned paper was already stuck to what I think is a Close to Cocoa (I weep for its retirement) layer. The bottom edge had no "layer", which is why I think these are UFOs still. I fixed that by tearing the bottom edge to make it look like ... all together now... I meant to do that! I stamped the leaf and the sentiment in Memento Brown, tied a piece of retired (*sob*) Choc Chip ribbon, stuck it to an already-cut piece of Cajun Craze and called it done.

I have a few more UFOs like this that just might become cards between now and my craft show on Saturday. For those of you in the area, it will be at the Lake Marion Community Center in Montgomery Village. Please stop by if you get the chance!

In other news, my customer and I are still plugging away at this embossing on vellum thing. I thank you all for your comments and suggestions. She did go to The Paper Source and they confirmed that the treatment on the paper to make it sparkly also makes it too porous, so it won't take embossing. BOO! But she suggested a spritz spray to apply to regular vellum, but they were out of it. Enter: SUPER-DEMO! Hello - DUUUH, we sell that stuff! So next we'll try (1) the Vanilla spritz on the regular champagne vellum and (2) the gold spritz on white vellum. I'll be sure to report back how this goes!

It's now past my bed time here in the Crooked household. I know this because the cat told me. (How does she know?!?!?)

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: will someone please remind me to charge my credit card swiper thingie for Saturday? Thanks!


  1. Super pretty leaf!! Love this card's simplicity and elegance. Just lovely and with the extra pop of color of the card base...a "WOW" card!! Love it.

  2. Um...Leslie...don't forget to change your credit card swiper thingie for Saturday...
    Your welcome...what are friends for?

  3. Very pretty card! I love those colors!
    A HUGE THANK YOU for making my week Leslie! Still can't get over it!!!


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