Thursday, July 26, 2012

Emboss Resist in Blue

I've been neglecting my Stampin' Up! stamps lately. In fact, my "you can't put it away until you've used it" rule has left a stack of stamps at my feet, and I get to look at them every day. It was only a matter of time before I got a clue, and last night I made this:

It's kindof difficult to tell, but those flowers are embossed. I stamped them in Versamark and embossed them with clear EP. I think they'd pop more if I'd used white EP.

I colored them with Midnight Muse, Island Indigo and Pool Party markers. It's important to note that when you go to wipe off the embossed part, you need to do it towards the center of the flower instead of towards the outside. Here's why:

 Yeah, that's not pretty.  Oh, and when I put my camera down, I saw this photo op (vertigo warning!):

I'm easily amused.

Now I can put both of those stamp sets away and move on to other crafty goodness. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Stamp sets used: Betsy's Blossoms, Sweet Essentials


  1. Wow, very pretty indeed! Love the embossing as I'm a big fan! Great to see a mishap on show too - we all have them let's face it. . . . Like the comment about vertigo and it truly does do that!

  2. Ah, learning opportunities...kind of suck, actually. Ugh. Love the effect of this (and I hope I remember the how if I try it later!). Love the vertigo pic - totally looks like falling into space. Nuts!

  3. i think the little blue thingies make it look like the flowers are rotating. Like Tom the Theatre director said - "If you make a mistake on stage, make a bit of it, and the audience will never know."


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