Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spot The Mistake WINNER!

This past Monday I posted a Spot The Mistake contest, wherein I asked you to go to this post and find my mistake. As always, you have risen to the challenge and not only spotted the mistake *I* had in mind, but several others, as well. You guys never let me down.

Let's go through them, shall we? (What, you just want to know if you've won? Then scroll down past this list, please.)

1. abbreviation vs abbreviations Yes, correct! I know, it was too easy.
2. misspelling of coloring (mentioned by a loyal Canadian reader). If this were a Canadian blog, or if I were Canadian, maybe. This time though? Not. Nice try.
3. the sentence starting "And at 8:01am..." should really not be a new sentence unless you remove the and. Probably correct. I suppose I could have use "Also," instead.
4. Last paragraph first sentence: probably should have "well,..." be a new sentence. Yeah, well ... I suppose I could have used a semi-colon there, but I didn't. And I can ignore this and #3, not only because it's my blog, but because that's my smarty-pants son making those observations. I should send him some washi tape or something.
5. "stoppit" caught my attention. Two words and just one "p," right? Yes, except that's a Twitter-ism that has bled over into the rest of my life. So no.
6. "...letters that were too large to spell out Thanks,..." should that thanks be in quotes? Oh, probably. :)
7. "...I was actually following a sketch. This one from Retro Sketches". Should the sentence with Retro Sketches say, "This one is from Retro Sketches"? No, but those are two poorly crafted sentences on my part. I would probably re-write them as "...I was actually following this sketch from Retro Sketches". -or- "...I was actually following a sketch -- this one from Retro Sketches".  Good catch!
8. Don't think you need a comma after - amused and then. Well, I'm of the school that if you need a pause, or if a word can be completely left out and the sentence would still make sense, I add a comma.
9. "The one set I have is too blue to work here. Sigh." - maybe a comma between the words; here and Sigh and don't need capital 'S' on sigh. I actually wanted the "Sigh" to be a separate one-word statement.

One mistake and I get 9 suggestions for things that might be wrong. heh heh I love you guys. OKAY, I've counted 11 commenters who didn't exclude themselves from the chance to win, so here goes ... drum-roll, please ... and the winner is (via

Lexie Kay! Come on down! Let's see what Lexi Kay as won. She's won one 4-roll package of Washi tape from my stash! YAY! Woo-hoo! (the crowd goes wild) Lexie Kay - please email me via the link in my left side-bar and I'll give you your color choices.

Thanks for playing, everyone! I'll be back in a bit with an actual card.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Well, if I had know it was gonna be Washi tape I wouldn't have excluded myself! Congrats, Lexie.


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