Sunday, July 8, 2012


I read an article this week about how abbreviation are out of control. I can tell you my pet peeve (okay, one of many) is people who use text abbreviations in business emails. When I am at work, making business decisions that could impact a company's bottom line, I don't need to see, "How r u?" as part of that communication. And at 8:01 am, I'm not conscious enough to understand that GM means Good Morning. My first thought is General Motors, a former employer of mine, or maybe General Manager, but Good Morning isn't in my frontal lobe. So stoppit.

You will undoubtedly be amused, then, to see this card I just made:

Yeah, I blame it on insufficiently hoarded Thickers. I need more tiny, colored Thickers. The one set I have is too blue to work here. Sigh. I ended up with some Webster's Pages sticker letters that were too large to spell out Thanks, so I did this, and no, I'm not proud.

What I am proud of, though, is the amount of stash I used on this card. Let's start with that panel on which the thx is placed:

This was part of a UFO - a cream piece of card stock stamped with an olive-y grid. I punched the top of it with an SU punch and distressed the other three edges. Again, sorry about those stickers.

Now, about those chevrons:

I faked it. I did! I had a few strips of hexagon die-cuts in my UFO bin, and I wanted to trim them into chevrons. The MFT chevron dies don't line up right with the hexagons, so I had the idea to use the hexagon die again to make the chevrons. Lookie:

That's the hexagon die taped to the already-cut strip of hexagons. It's offset so it will leave a chevron behind. Here it is post-cut:

Kinda cool, eh? Well, I got my two chevrons, so I was happy. And those two UFOs are gone gone gone. :)

Last detail shot:

Buttons. Oh, I forgot to tell you I was actually following a sketch. This one from Retro Sketches:

When I saw the sketch, I immediately knew I'd use that UFO for the main panel, but I wanted to do something different for the horizontal element and the twine/buttons element. You've already seen the chevrons, but my plan for the buttons failed me. I forgot I couldn't easily tie twine around chevrons, but believe me, it's there. What I really wanted to do was have hang-y buttons like I saw on a card that I cannot find right now, or I'd link you. :(  In the end, I just tied these three buttons to the chevrons. It is what it is.

In general, I'm pretty pleased with how this came out, well, except for that sentiment. Hopefully some young thing will love it and buy it for her BFF, or something.  Now if you'll excuse me, there's a hole in my Thickers collection that needs to be filled.

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  1. Love the fresh clean look! So glad you played RetroSketches this week!

  2. Abbreviation are should be abbreviation is OR abbreviations are...

  3. I agree about annoying abbreviations - LOL! Love your card Leslie - so clever with that die!!! Thanks so much for playing along with this week's RetroSketch!

  4. Very enterprising, dear. Love the distressing and the buttons. There's someone out there looking for this card..:-)


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