Thursday, July 12, 2012

SYS Homework Day 4

Yes, I'm taking another online class. This one is Stretch Your Stamps -- how to get more from your stamps, and so far it's been fantastic, but then these classes usually are. WELL worth the investment.

And no, you didn't miss my homework from the first three days ... I haven't done it yet. I'm waiting for some supplies to arrive. heh heh

Today we learned several ways to use graphic stamps, and I might have mooshed some of what we learned and crossed the beams a little, but it's all about playing with what you've already got (well, except for the stuff they enable us to need, but we won't mention that ...), so it's all good.

For my first card, I played with stamping on acetate and using that as an overlay. I have the white Stazon ink, but I was too lazy to dig it out and ink it up, so instead I spent 20 minutes playing with different white inks and some embossing, and ended up embossing with Versamark and white EP. Here's my card:

 I snuck in some wide washi tape, because I could. Hey, we're using graphic images here, so why not striped washi? Seriously.

Because I don't know when to stop, I decided to show you my awful embossing job:

GAH! Now you should at least feel better about yours. And yes, it's stapled to the card front with the Tiny Attacher. :)

To make up for the simplicity of that card, I made this one:

 Yeah, it's pretty busy. I started playing with the flower image and stamping it on various backgrounds to mimic what they did in class, but no matter what I tried, it just wasn't working for me. I need more time, so I'll play again this weekend. It would have been fine if I'd done exactly what they did in class, but that's not what I wanted to do. Stubborn, much? ;/

I ended up stamping the flower in Raspberry Ripple* (had to open it, even), stamped it off, then stamped it onto white. I did that a few times. Then I inked up the Lattice background stamp in Raspberry Ripple, stamped the flower onto it (kissed it :)) then lined that up and stamped it over the stamped flowers. See:

The leaves are from the diamond pattern stamp. I inked it in Gumball Green, then kissed the flower stamp onto it and stamped that onto a scrap of a lighter green. I cut them out and drew veins on them with a pen.

Stamping the Lattice onto the background was actually an afterthought. I think it pulls it all together. And no, you're not dizzy ... I stamped it like I was drunk or something and it looks all weird. I suppose I could say I meant to do that. There, I said it. :)

Oh, that washi tape was an attempt at "graphic" (it's dots, come on ...) and contrast. I used yellow pearls to try and save myself from that decision. It's mostly covered up.

That's it! I hope to work on other projects this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: My pal Lisa is having a blow-out stamp sale.  Go to her blog and buy her stuff! Thanks! :)

*Does anyone else think of cheap wine and college when they read "Raspberry Ripple"? Just me? Okay, then.


  1. I like both - but REALLY like that first one!! Very cool the way you added the tape on behind the image.

  2. love the cards. And i kinda LIKE the spatter behind the embossed hexagons. nothing wrong with not perfect - just shows it's handmade!

  3. I actually think the splatter of embossing powder **makes** that card...sorry, but your mistake made it better :)

    love both of the cards...glad you are enjoying your class...they always sound so interesting!!!

  4. I like 'em, but that Raspberry Ripple is a tad busy for me. I do like the layout, though. Keep up the good work!


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