Monday, July 30, 2012

Note Card Set

Every once in a while I like to do something different. I've made cards like these before, but this time it was a break from my standard A2 card size. I was kinda on a roll this weekend with challenges, and I needed a little something to mix it up.

Here are the cards, then I'll explain:

It all started with the DTGD challenge to make a skinny card. Then after I made these, I realized that was a sketch challenge, so these were a bonus. :)

It all started with a piece of KaiserCraft paper from my "why haven't I put these away yet" pile. I figured out (quite by accident) I could get two layers for each of the four cards out of one piece of 12x12 paper with very little left over. I was pumped!

The bases are made from one piece of 12x12 Whisper White, cut into 6x6 squares, scored down the middle, giving four 3x6 cards.  The pieces of pretty paper are 1/4" narrower than that, then 1/4" narrower than that. Can you tell my brain is tired?

While assembling the cards, I couldn't decide which pairing I liked best, so as is my nature, I chose not to decide and made two of each. I solved the problem of stamping onto the black paper by using a strip of the remaining piece as banners. I love how these turned out.

Since I failed to read the directions for the DTGD challenge, I'm entering these in the Simon Says Stamp Anything Goes challenge. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Missing directions? No idea how that happens, lol. It was just your brain's way of entering the SSS-AG challenge, because hey, who doesn't love free shopping? More chances at that the better, right? I love the colours of these - that teal is to die for :)

  2. Gorgeous, love the design and the colour combo, super elegant.. thanks for joining us at Simon Says Challenge blog

  3. love the color combo!

  4. oooooooooooh! i looooooove the small skinny designs AND the color/patterns AND... well, every single thing!!!

    (as for measuring, LHJ is always appalled/amused when he hears me saying, "ok, this is 2 marks smaller than 6 inches" b/c apparently that makes it 5 and 7/8" or 5 and 30/32nds or... i dunno... but it's an amount that apparently anyone but ME can clearly recognize and count; when it's smaller than 1/4" i stop automatically knowing & have only recently been made aware that other ppl don't stop automatically knowing... interesting...) :)


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