Sunday, July 22, 2012

From The CASE File

I don't know about you, but my Google Reader is very organized. Way behind, but organized. When I see a card that inspires me, I put it into my CASE file so I can easily find it later when my mojo takes a hike.

The other day I was perusing my CASE file, and was inspired by this card and this one to make my own version:

Don't be impressed that I lined up those circles. It's a three-circle die for the Movers & Shapers magnetic thingie and this is maybe the second time I've ever used it. The fun part here was lining up the washi tape underneath it to cover the openings.

The birds are from my OMG I NEED THOSE veneer birds from Studio Calico, and I might also have the hearts and the butterflies. Being veneer, I assumed they were coated, but I assumed wrong. I used my Picket Fence Distress Stain on them, and when it dried I couldn't even see it - totally absorbed into the wood. Then I pulled out the big guns ... I stuck the birds in Versamark ink and embossed them with white EP. They are popped up on tiny bits of foam tape. Lots of shadow here. :)

I really like how this came out. I'll have to play with this idea some more with some of my other shape dies in my collection. *ahem*

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  1. pretty

    (see what i did there? LOL)

  2. Kind of genius embossing them. I likely would have just gone through my whole bottle of distress stain

  3. So lovely!! I wouldn't have even thought to emboss them, either. I would have just painted them...since I'm lazy like that. :D Love how this card turned out.

  4. what a great idea, I wouldn't have the patience... So very VERY pretty


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