Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well, La De Frickin' Da

What. A. Week. Debbie Downer here, to tell you I've made one card, and it took me all week, too. Okay, I've made two, but it still took me until today to finish them.

It all started with an idea to use some of my washi tape collection. Here's one of the cards, then I'll explain:

I used a bunch of coordinating washi tapes and made a herringbone background on a 4x5.25 scrap of card stock. I liked it well enough, but it was so busy I spent the rest of the week trying to cover it up. This is actually the second one I made. But first, a little trick I learned from one of Kristina Werner's videos: After I was done applying and trimming the tapes, some of the tinier pieces weren't sticking so well - being tape-to-tape and all - so I painted on a thin layer of Claudine Hellmuth Matte Multi-Medium to kindof glue it all down and make it stay put. This also took off some of the sheen in case I wanted to stamp on it later.

For this one, I stamped the girl with attitude from Stampotique onto a scrap of Naturals White, and then edged the piece with more of the green washi tape. I colored her with Copics, then decided to paper piece her dress. (When you see my failed card, you'll understand why.) Again, I took some washi tape - the dotted one this time - and applied a few rows to a scrap, then coated it with matte multi-medium and let it dry. I stamped her dress and cut it out, then glued it to the larger image. I like how that came out.

I needed a backing for the sentiment, so I added another piece of the green washi tape, then cut up the sentiment and popped it up over the tape with tiny dimensional adhesive squares. I actually don't mind this one, although it's pretty hefty.

Okay, here's the first one I made:

Gah. I intensely dislike this. Same girl stamp as before, stamped on Naturals White, but I colored her dress with Copics and I'm not pleased with how it turned out. The sentiment (which I love) is actually a stamp, and its use here was inspired by one of my tweeps who informed us earlier this week that Monday was World UFO Day. The fact that a web site dedicated to the celebration actually exists indicates I'm probably not making this up.

Well, in our discussion, I explained to him that UFO in crafting has a different meaning entirely, and this card started to take shape in my mind. I would use UFOs from my desk and incorporate the alien sentiment, and it would be perfect. Too bad I hate intensely dislike the result. :(

I mean, it's bad enough I suk at coloring, but I attached the sentiment with brads, which I now regret. I also covered her boots with Glossy Accents, but you can't tell from the photo. And there was that whole right quadrant that was making me stabby, so I needed something to hide more of it.  You see what happened -- flowers happened. No, I don't know what I was thinking.

So, yeah, two cards, tons of washi tape, and six days. Not a good week in my world.

I did, however, just crank out a card for next week's SOS challenge. You need to come back and see that one on Tuesday. And you just never know, I might have the energy to make another card before then. Could happen.

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  1. Some weeks are just like that. I see what you mean about the first one you made, I think it's the flower that throws it all off, but I love the second one. You made a wonderful recovery with that one. You've got a cool collection of Washi tape, too.

  2. Pretty sure I can blame you for how much I covet washi tape...finally got some, and now I'm hoarding it. Figures!
    I love these fun backgrounds, and how you did the tape-piecing on the second (first?) card. AND THOSE SENTIMENTS. Holy crap. I snorted at the la-di-dah, and outright laughed at the second. I want to have that one on a t-shirt ;)


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