Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A 3-Fer

Today I have a three-fer for you.

First, I got this cool blog award from Kristie, who I thought had fallen off the planet, but instead she just had a LIFE. Thanks, so much!

Now I am supposed to pass it along to 5 other bloggers, but the people I thought of already had it, so pooh. Again, we'd all go to the same Tupperware parties, too, I am sure. So like chain letters, this one stops here. ;-( But I am touched that people like me, you really like me!

Okay, moving on. I had A Moment today and this is what I said:

Yes, I did say this, so I thought it appropriate to make it into a card. I had the chipboard letters out, so why not? The ribbon is closer in color to the red-ish letters in real life, really....

The reason I said this? Because my baby...my second son ... will be 21 years old next week! Okay, all together now ... HOLY CRAP! And not only am I a bad Demo, I am a bad Mom, since I just thought to make his card. I have much redeeming to do, here.

This evening, I made three or four total messes before this came out:

It was a real glitter fest, I tell you! For cardboard backing and stability, I stuck the sticky numbers to a frozen dinner box that gave its life for the craft. I actually put the numbers on two layers of the box, so I cut each number out twice, which explains all the white that is showing around the edges of the glittered numbers. The rest of the card is also covered in glitter since I think the glue won out over my attempts to contain it under the numbers and letters. It is everywhere. I have glittery pj's, too. Quite sparkly, actually.

I am VERY proud of the embossed happy and birthday words. I stamped them in Versamark, then in Burgundy, then onto the paper, then embossed them with clear EP. Too easy! And the paper is from a retired pack - Treehouse, I think. And the card stock is from my stash of textured every-color card stock. And yeah, the words are a little cock-eyed, but so what!?

I do not think this will pass muster as the final version, as there is simply too much glitter in places it should not be. But as far as the design goes, it might accomplish my main goal of not totally embarassing the bajeebers out of my boy if he is around any fellow Fraternity members when he opens the envelope from his Mom.

Okay, I'm off to make version #5 and then try to clean up some of this glitter...

ETA: My co-worker is on the mend; thanks for your concern. Still hospitalized, and being watched, but her Mom is with her and she should be able to go home soon. They think it was a low sodium level and too much water, which can be a deadly combination. You can read about a similar condition here.


  1. Glad to hear your co-worker is doing better, I bet that gave you all quite a scare. Your card isn't *too* glittery for a guy, I think.

    And THANK YOU for my blog candy which arrived today! I am so happy that I decided NOT to go to the gym after work but instead to run home, and look what was waiting for me! The beautiful purple ribbon will be just the perfect thing to add to an unfinished Valentine's Day card!

  2. that is by far the MANLY-EST glitter card i've ever seen. dead butch, it is, as well as danged cool! having said that...YOU KNOW the "holy crap" one is *MY* favorite!!!!! ♥

    anyway, shouldn't it be HE sending YOU a card...afterall...we're talkin' 36 hours of labor, right? followed by two years of diaper-changing...not to mention all those sleepless nights...and when's the last time HE'S had to fish a piece of macaroni out of a toddler's nose, eh??!?!? :) :) :)

  3. I vote you send the 'holy crap' card!

    ~jess, who cannot leave comments with her real name because blogger hates me. so does report db. feh.

  4. Thanks for the update on your co-worker. What a relief!

    I would never have thought to do glitter for a guy card...you totally made it work. Very cool, Miss Leslie!

    Holy crap, 21?! Isn't that illegal for you to have a 21 y.o. son? :)


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