Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Mr. Hancock

Here is my card for the Under-Appreciated Holiday Challenge #2a (BONUS!). I think it is just a little weird and over-the-top, at least for me, but I am all about stretching my wings and trying new things these days.

The base card is SU Naturals White, and all the patterned papers are Basic Grey Ambrosia. I chose them because they were flourish-y, or I thought so at first, anyway. When I saw the orange piece, I thought it would look good with black, and then I saw the b&w piece ... and then it got really crazy when I saw the flutterby page ... and then I thought that funky ribbon from the other day (which was put away during the Clean Sweep, thankyouverymuch) would go well color-wise ... and then I went searching for a flourishy-y sentiment ... and then ... and then ... Things can quickly go out of control around here.

I orginally had the sentiment on top of the flutterby piece, but then I liked it better up above, so the flutterby piece was nekkid. Thus began the task of how to balance the card without covering up those pretty images. I grabbed a Really Rust left-over Photo Corner from the workshops and decided to use red brads for both the corner and the sentiment. I felt the left side of the panel still needed something, so I punched a 3/4" circle, then a 1" circle over that to get the ring to place over the red butterfly. Didja notice the one just to the left of the red one is green? Sweeeeet!

I think I might go try some birds with this paper. Or maybe not. ;-)

Edited to add: If you played Spot The Mistake Round 4 the other day, remember to check out the answers and send your mailing address to me at if you want your loot. Thanks!


  1. birds!!! I knew there was something wrong!!!


    I LOVE this card and that paper is yummy. I'm still hoarding some.

  2. This card is exquisite! You are really branching out and making some fantastic cards. Really beautiful, Leslie!

  3. I loved this~It is beautiful.
    I am lovin' the oranges.


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