Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've Got Mail, and A (small) Reveal

First - I got mail! Yep! I asked for it, but I still got it! ;-) Jailbird offerred to send a free New Year's card to anyone who sent in their address, so I did! She makes all the cards you wish you could make (and send) but you do not have the nerve to make. Like she says: Offending society, one card at a time. You've gotta love it!

Okay, time for the (small) Reveal. The other day I mentioned I'd sustained a minor stash-related injury (it still hurts, by the way...thanks for asking), so I thought I'd show you a very small part of The Other Room to show you (1) where IT happened, and (2) that I really am very organized. I just have more stuff than will fit in this condo!

First we have The Cabinet. This is one of several IKEA cabinets I have, and I love them. I have a whole wall of these. I have considered adding another level to each of them, too; I like them that much (and I have that much stuff.)

Let's look at the top of the cabinet. I have a 3-shelf thing on the left that holds all my SU White, Vanilla, Kraft and Naturals papers, all in easy reach. I also have all three years' of In Color card stock. You can see where I hoarded the first two years. Please ignore all those things in front of the In Colors...they simply have no home. Homeless sad. Aaaaand, on top of the cabinet to the right you can see my inks and reinkers are all organized, too. I organize them by color with all the greens together, all the blues together, etc. All their reinkers are above their respective ink pads. See - organized!

Opening the doors, here is what is stored on the top shelf: 48 colors of card stock, in order by color, just like the inks (greens, blues, etc.), plus the Neutrals like Sahara Sand, Black, Basic Gray, etc. I also have some sheets of EZMount over there on the right for all those irreverent sayings I get that are sometimes unmounted.

On the left door of the top shelf are my hole punches. Easy to find, easy to store.

This is the second shelf - all 12x12 paper storage. Some of the boxes are laying down because some of them are out. I think about half of this is SU and the rest is not. This is what I get to plow through when I am looking for 'something brown'. Ugh. But it is my own fault. Thank goodness Recollections closed, or I'd probably have even more.

The third (lower) shelf is the same as the second one. It is about half 12x12 storage (yes, there is more), and also extra packs of White, Naturals, Kraft, etc.

Let's move on to The Floor. Now let me be perfectly clear, here: I am only going to reveal the part of the floor directly in front of this cabinet. Mostly because that is all of the floor you can actually see. It is part of The Path to which I refer often.

Here are two of the 12x12 boxes out so I can rummage more easily. The cat was helping me document all this.

Do you see that little edge of a brown box at the bottom left of the photo? That is part of A Box. A Box, stacked upon another box, which is on another box, which is why that section of floor is totally in shadows. No, you may not see The Box.

Here is The Bag. It all started when I knelt down in front of the cabinet to more easily rummage for paper, and my left knee hit this bag. Looks innocent enough, right? All that's in there is a roll of nylon rope I picked up at the Dollar Store, when I bought all sorts of stuff I did not really need, but you just never know. This is the kind of stuff that finds a home In There.

So I knelt down, my left knee cap hit the bag, and I let out a silent scream.

(Please pardon the very dark photo - I told you it was in the shadows, and the shot I took with the flash was really bad.) Meet: The culprit. A plastic tag on the roll of nylon rope. A piece of very hard, unbending plastic.

That's it. How anticlimactic, I know.

I hope I have shown you that I am a very organized person. I hope that what you have seen revealed here this evening shows you that I am not totally hopeless, and given enought time, and maybe some more cabinets, I might find my way in The Other Room one of these days. For now, I think I'll stow that nylon rope in the laundry room.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey can I have that tag? It would be cool in a project.
    What project?
    I don't know.....
    but it looks like a cool tag.


  2. Oh and I am so sorry it hurt you.
    hope your knee gets over it.

    #2 (again)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Jailbird's new year card is a hoot (and so like a Leslie card!)

    I never doubted that you are organized. This is why I never show pics of what is IN the computer armoir in my craft room ( computer), nor will I show what is in my closet. It is organized, but there is SO MUCH stuff! I have to open the door once in a while (like yesterday) just to recall what I have and can use to make a card. I know I say this too often, but my craft room is a constant work in progress. I joke that if I could have a catheter, an IV drip, and unlimited adhesive brought to me in my craft room that I could create for years and not have to buy anything. I may have to post about that too.
    You are fortunate to have an advisor (Cat) to help you. I miss my male cat (Sadie...I know a boy named Sadie...a story for another day) who died of cancer 4 years ago. His sister (Skeeziks) helps me occasionally, but Sadie was my constant companion.
    Don't cut yourself short; when I saw that plastic tag, I winced! I know that must hurt. I think knee bruising may be an epidemic. On Saturday, I banged my knee on the kitchen table. I recall thinking, "That's gonna leave a mark!" Then I banged it again on the shower door. And yesteday, the bruise showed up, and it is colorful :) If it's not an epidemic, perhaps we are sisters separated at birth :)

  4. I wish I had another room in my oh-so-small 1 BR apartment to keep all my stuff so nicely organized! I only have a shelf in a pantry closet in my kitchen. Well, except for the Extra Space on an end table next to the couch where I keep my Marvy punches, just so I can see them and think about all the other stuff. Oh, and then there's the Big Cardboard Box of all my stamps on the floor almost in front of endtable with the computer printer. I bought a big Tupperware box at Target after Christmas, so I could keep them in the pantry closet too, and still haven't moved them in yet.

    And that tag sure looks evil. I hope you treated your knee with lots of ice cream, which as we all know takes away swelling....

    I still haven't found myself an SU demo yet -- another January chore.

    But at least I can see my dining room table, a small victory...

  5. It was very brave of you to post pictures- I'm so proud!

    I admit I was a little surprised to learn the truth- I had images of boxes leapiong off cabinet tops to attack you or something.

    Yes, you do appear very organized. I've seen that room though, I remember there being lots of stuff- what is it all????

  6. Wow - I love the way you store your squeeze punches - clever!

    Confession is good for the soul! We've all got more stuff than we know what to do with. But . . . we might need it some day, right??

  7. that card is TOO FUNNY! :)

    clever of you to use a cat's back to show scale. they should do that in CAT-alogs too, dontcha think?!

    hope the knee is better!!!♥

    ps: you are VERY organized...i never doubted it...the part of "town" in my house where the homeless embellishments dwell is much larger and more sprawly than yours. imagine a sort of "HOOVERVILLE" composed of rhinestones and small primas and little bits cut from magazines...sigh...i gotta start art journalling again...get some of those babies employed and off da streets...


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