Saturday, January 10, 2009

More #*$&#$ Birds {or What I Did When I Should Have Been Cleaning}

I have interesting conversations with myself. Actually, I have interesting silent arguments in my brain. I could probably have a full-scale debate and never even open my mouth! You see, my parents were children of the Great Depression, and as a result, I was instilled at a very young age with the idea of saving, reusing, not wasting. This probably explains why I so eagerly embraced recycling when it became the thing to do. Anyway, I have an ongoing battle with myself every time I touch a scrap of paper. My first thought is usually, "Hmm, I could use this for ....". However, the realist in me says, "Just THROW IT AWAY!" Why am I telling you this? Because today, after my massaaaaage, I started The Clean Sweep and got distracted by some left-over stamped birds. Instead of just throwing them away, I made these:

The good news is I now have three more cards I can sell in the coffee shop when it reopens in February. I also used up some more of my Basic Grey Archaic papers. I also opened and used some funky fibers I have had forever.

These are still largely "typical" cards for me, though the mix of patterns is a little different, and they are growing on me, too!

I thought these might pass as non-traditional Valentine's Day cards. I do not have a lot of Heart sets as I have no markets in February, so I do not bother. And it is tough to justify all that expense on heart stamps or kissy birds for one workshop a year that might fall conveniently enough for me to have a Valentine's Day card offering. So I spend my money elsewhere.

I did order the Love You Much bundle from SU, but it did not make it here in time for me to use it for the workshops. {grumble ...} So since I have this non-traditional holiday thing going, why not make non-traditional Valentine's Day cards?

The sentiments are rub-ons from the SU Chit Chat pack. I really should have paid more attention to these when I first got them, as I really like them! They come in white and brown, and they were perfect for these cards.

Ah, well, I need to go actually clean something now. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OK, I love these cards! My first thought was that they are great masculine cards. And my second thought was, that if there are men looking through your basket at the coffee shop, I bet these would stand out because they are lovey and not girly.

    Leslie you ROCK!

  2. So glad you didn't throw these away. These are even yummier than the first bird cards! I get a lot of requests for "love" cards all year 'round...not just for anniversaries. Just for guys to buy for their girlfriends (or vice versa). You will sell these at Chloe's for sure!
    You have a great eye...I never would have purchased this pack of BG, what a mistake! Your cards are wonderful.

  3. Very cute cards and I am SO the same when it comes to debating in my head - even the same with to keep or to trash paper scraps!! How funny!

  4. i ♥ADORE♥ these as valentine cards...even more than i love regular v-day greetings...which i already love pretty much!

    btw, not that you want ANOTHER category to organize, but i stick leftover stamped or cut out items inna baggie...right now i have about 6 little birds that i cut last night trying to find the right paper for m' me, they WILL get used!

    re PA09: nuh-uh. sorry. (i am CRAP at thinking up challenges...just ask the, seriously!) ...BUT...haz ya seen *dis*?!???!?!? i think urrgonnal like it... ;)

  5. ok, that woulda been soooo much more impressive had i actually remembered to put the FRICKIN' link in!

  6. Lauren's blurry ID picture up there makes my head hurt!

    Where was I? Oh - a massage? Fantastic - I knew I liked you.

    And the birds are sweet as they can be, without being overly so. Very nice!

  7. HHHAAAA - what is cleaning? Is that something I'M supposed to be doing???


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