Friday, January 2, 2009

I Did A Little Shopping

I did some shopping ... just a little shopping. Actually, I was quite good compared to how it could have gone. Unlike Dec 31st, which was an expensive day (we'll talk about that some other time), today cost me about $6. Yep, I hit Mike's this morning, in search of any Martha 50% off punches left, but it looked like a pack of pirhana(s) had been through - there were nekkid shelves everywhere. I was saved! And my Mike's only had Martha's things at 40% off, anyway. But since I was there, I opted to look over the 50% Off Everything Christmas bins, and that's where I spent a whole $6. I even already used some of what I bought, too! Amazing!

Please observe:

If you can get past the bad lighting and photography (I really need to speak with that photographer), this pack of cards is made from the fronts of a 6-pack of cards I got in the $1 bin. I cut off the fronts, and made this set of 5 (one of the card fronts was damaged.) They are glossy, and a real pretty green with blue designs on them and some swirls in the background.

I rummaged through my Box of Blue Ribbon and managed to find one that went okay with the blue in the card and the Blue Bayou card base I chose to go with it.

To make the faux buttons, I stuck a piece of retired Outlaw DS paper to a piece of cardboard, punched it out, punched two 1/8" holes in it, then tied it to the long piece of ribbon with another shorter piece of ribbon.

The sentiment is the same one I used earlier (so of course it was still out) from the SU Thank You Kindly set. I stamped it with Stazon, since the patterned paper has a glossy finish.

This is a box of 6 I made from the card backs, where I needed to trim off the bottom a little, so the pieces are a little smaller.

Not bad, not bad. I used a $1 6-pack of cards, half a spool of ribbon from the stash, made faux buttons ... the only real 'expensive' part was the use of 6 pieces of now-retired Blue Bayou card stock, and my supply is dwindling. So sad.

Well, back to my stamping spot to see what other creations I can cook up. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Strikin' up the bargain shopping to create some stunning cards. Niiiiiicccccceeeee :)


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