Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Non-Crafty Aside

One of my lurking hang-outs is Stefani's And Another Thing .... I just love her work! Tuesday she posted this non-crafty post, and I was just blown away. I literally stopped, picked my lower jaw off the table, and started thinking about what *I* could do. After reading the article, I was almost embarassed that I have a decent job and my company probably will not go under because of the economy.

(I command you to go read it now, if you have not already. Go ahead ... I'll wait ....)

Isn't it a nice thought that this trouble with the economy has the potential to make us less dependent on "things" and more dependent on each other? I was just talking to #2 about this, and we both hope that people will reassess their situations, take stock of what they have, what they really need, and what they can give to others who may have less, and are in need of assistance.

Wouldn't it be great if we we all took a step back to something like the Barter System? Maybe we could give something of ourselves to help someone else. Maybe we could actually meet the neighbors!

I have high hopes that this economy thing will force us to be better people and to return to some of the more personal interactions that we miss in this electronic age. A girl can dream.

Now back to your regular programming.


  1. TFS! I love her quilling...I tried that back in junior high or high school. I liked it, but not enough instant gratification for me (which is also why I stamp so little on my cards anymore, if at all.) So I am very appreciative of her work on that gorgeous card! I also enjoyed her non-crafty post. I may have to post hat one day myself. A very good TRUE story. I applaud Lisa!
    I enjoy stamping, heat embossing, and coloring images, but more in the B.G. era (Before Girls).

  2. Thanks for the links, Leslie!

    Just to be clear, I didn't do the quilling that June is referring to. I too have tried it, figured I'd be a natural for it - but it's much harder than it looks to do it well. So that was the work of quilling friends that I was sharing in that entry.

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