Monday, January 5, 2009

Under-Appreciated Holiday Challenge #2

Today (TODAY!) is National Bird Day, so in my current fit of bird-ness, I have decided to make this the theme for my Under-appreciated Holiday Challenge #2. Now technically, the penguin (see my Holiday Challenge #1) is also a bird, so technically one could argue that you could "kill two bird challenges" with one card. Yeah, I guess you could, but I hope you see this as a weird cosmic coincidence, and you'll make two cards. BUT, if you decide to do one card for both, no one will say much, least of all moi, because it's not like you'd win anything either way, ya know? So play on!

Here are my cards for this challenge. The cards came about because of an embarassing moment at Angela's on Saturday, when I fell in love with a stamp set that I already owned. As penance (no offence intended with that reference, by the way), I made myself dig the set out of The Other Room and use it.

Here is the set in question ...

... and here are the three cards I made using the set. The papers are from the Basic Grey Archaic 6x6 pack. I stamped each bird on four different pieces of the paper ...

... then I cut out the bodies, followed by the wings from the other colors. Everything is layered on SU Basic Gray card stock squares, which in hindsight I think should have been brown. Oh, well. I stuck the bodies on the gray pieces first, then I stuck the different-color wings on over the existing wings.

All the other layered card stock is from the same Archaic paper pack. Even the sentiments - stamped on pieces of the blue left over from one of the layers.

See that Linen Thread wrapped around the card and under the sentiment? Yep, I call it ribbon. Gotta have it, man! And at the last minute I added the bling in the center of the four squares. I just thought they needed 'something'.

And yes, I know the legs look funny. That's because I was an idiot and did the paper piecing without first stamping the birds onto the squares (I was just so excited to get started!), so I had to draw the little legs after assembly.

So there you have it! My birds for National Bird Day. I sure hope I get over this bird thing very soon.


  1. I want that stamp set :) I have never seen it...those birds are so adorable.

    These cards are totally fabulous! You gotta put these at your coffee shop. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  2. Very nice. I have that set too. I used it once. I love that paper. I am sure I have it "down there" somewhere.
    My "down there" = your "Other Room"

    (why can't I get my id to show up?)

  3. i love, LOVE, loooooooove, love, LOoOoOVE, love, love, love, LOVE, amour, (dat's french for "luv") LOVE, LOVE, looooooooooooove these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (♥)


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