Thursday, January 8, 2009

Da Birds Are In Da House!

My Spellbinders Shapabilities Nested Birds set of dies arrived yesterday, and I wasted zero time in breaking them out and putting them to work. I grabbed a piece of scrap paper (already out, of course) and cut out the two smaller birds.

And here they are! My first thought was: What about wings? Hmmm ... so for grins, I went online and searched for the die set and found a site where someone had ....

... done this. She used the smaller bird as the wing on the other one. How stinkin' clever is that?!?! Well, maybe that is how they are supposed to be used, but no one told me.

This is how I ended up finishing the card. Eh, maybe not my best work, but it is a start.

Goodness, I hope I get off this bird kick, and real soon, too. I have heard from several reliable sources that the new SU catalog will have some bird stamps and other stuff that I will probably need if I cannot get over these birds by the time I get my catalog. Oh, my gracious, I will be doomed.


  1. What adorable dies and great idea for the wings!!

  2. Oh, no! See this is why I don't go looking at the Spellbinders website (or any other). If I don't know it exists, then I don't need it. I've never been a bird person, but I do like a few cute ones, and yours is TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

  3. *WHY* would anyone wanna "get over" cute little birds! if it were not for cute little birds (& cupcakes...and latterly, monstas...) i would never get ANY cards made!!! :)


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