Friday, January 30, 2009

5 Minutes In The Post Office

I love my Post Office, and the Postal Service in general. I think they are one of the most efficient systems we have in this country. I mean, where else can you get a piece of paper from one coast to the other - 3000+ miles away - in two days, and for under a buck? And since my local PO is also one of the Suburban Central PO's, if I go there after work, local mail is delivered the next day, and out-of-town mail gets there in two days. I love them even more because they are open until 8 pm M-F. So you see, this is not a rant about the USPS. In fact, it is not a rant at all, or I'd put it on my other blog.

No, this is a Life Observation post...what I experienced in 5 short minutes this evening. I think I'll just list things as they happened.

* As I parked, I noticed a long line, so since all I wanted was a few stamps, I went to the vending machines in the lobby.
* The vending machines only take cash.
* I have $4 on me, and stamps are $8+.
* To my left is an ATM machine - how convenient. Out of order.
* I got in line.
* Three people ahead of me is a man with a car tire, as in 'automobile' tire. It was clean and new, but mailing a tire? I could not make this up.
* Two people ahead of me is a woman on her cell phone. "Blah blah blah I have not seen him all week blah blah blah the weather here has been horrible... we had an ice storm, and then it rained, and I have not been able to leave the house all week...I just got out ... have not mailed so-and-so-'s present since I have been housebound blah blah blah ... it has been miserable have no idea blah blah blah oh wait, it's my turn now, gotta go"

[Just a note: yes, we had an ice storm, and the next day most people went to work. That was Tuesday; today is Friday. Drama? Ya think?]

* The woman on the cell phone stopped to select a box just before she went to her window, since she had not bothered to wrap her items yet.
* The woman in front of me turns and looks at me with a WTF quizical expression on her face. We both shook our heads and laughed.
* A woman comes in, walks past the entire line and stands next to me, then walks past me and gets behind the person at the first window.
* The woman behind me says, out loud, "Man, I guess she's too good to stand in line." I laugh and say, "Yeah, some people are amazing, aren't they?" We both shake our heads and laugh. She agreed with me that this series of events was blog-worthy.
* My turn. The guy addressing his label for his automobile tire was asked to move over so I could get to the clerk. I bought 2 stamps and left.

Five minutes of pure, unadulterated entertainment at the Post Office. For free!

Don't forget to read the cell phone story I linked to in my earlier post. OMG, it is funny. Okay, I am off to stamp now! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!!

  2. Yes I know that P.O and I love it too. And even though I was not there I can "see" the guy with the tire.
    I was in line there once and a woman had her express box all ready to go addressed but not sealed. Why? because she was still knitting the scarf she was mailing. Yes.....she was knitting in line and allowing people to go around her. You see, she had to mail it that night. It had to go out that night so it could reach it's destination on the kids birthday two days later. She figured as long as she was in the building they would not close. I did not stick around to see if she finished the scarf "on time".
    I swear that P.O. could sell tickets!

    #2 ( yeah yeah... i could have written this on my blog......except i don't remember my login info )

  3. I love this story. I went and read the Coke Tsunami----still have tears in my eyes from laughing. Thanks for sharing.
    Linda Peterson

  4. The last time I went to my local
    PO I wanted Hanukkah stamps. I asked the guy for the stamps with dreidel on them. Blank stare. Oy.


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