Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Miz Kitt

Monday was the birthday of Eartha Kitt, known as, among other things, Catwoman. I used to love watching Batman when I was a kid. [Mmmmm, Adam West. Can I get an Amen? Yes, I am old.] Here is a little clip of one episode, in which you can get the full silliness of the show, but in the first 2 minutes you can hear Catwoman's purrrrrrrrrr-ing statements that hooked a generation (my apologies to Julie Newmar.)

In honor of this momentous occasion, I felt compelled to make a cat card, so here ya go:

I knew exactly which stamp I was going to use, and I also knew that somewhere, somewhere, In There, I would find it, and (eventually) I did!

Then I dug through my stash of 12x12 papers, looking for the stack I just knew I'd bought at Recollections when I was looking for 'something with black in it, but not too much'. What? You say this is brown, not black? Well, yeah, you got me there. So, I switched to Choc Chip card stock, and it was perfect. I even used a piece of hoarded Soft Sky card stock and some Soft Sky ribbon.

Aaaaand, I inked up that sentiment for the first time, too. Yay, me! The cat and the sentiment are both embossed, and I went back over the cat's eyes with a Copic marker. Lucky for me, it dried. ;-)

So go on, make a cat card! What better excuse could you possibly need than Eartha Kitt's birthday?!


  1. Love that sentiment! I'd make a cat card but I don't have any cat stamps...I know, it's shocking right?

  2. LOVED your card! Oh, I miss the Cat Ranch Gift Shop! They had great cat stamps ("Blessed are the Purr of Heart.")

    I also got a big snort out of your Rodney Dangerfield quote!!

    My Black Cat, Boris (for "Boris Blackenov"), does a Batmobile impression when he crouches - his haunches look just like the wheel wells of the Batmobile.

    Hmmmm, I felt a little fluttery when I watched Adam West in his body suit in that video. Whoa. I only noticed he was handsome when I was a kid watching that show!

  3. Pow! Bam! Crash!

    Heh heh- I loved watching Batman reruns when I was younger. I think the song is permanently ingrained in my brain.

    Very cute card btw! I like the faux bow action!

  4. Thanks for the memory! I love Eartha Kitt, but did not realize she was cat woman the final season of Batman. That girl could sing!

    BTW, your card is purrfect :)


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