Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art Imitates Life

I think the saying is "Life imitates Art", but not around the Crooked Stamper household. Case in point:

Here we have Kitty, in her usual position. That chair is formed to her body like the couch is formed to my back side.

Ergo, when I saw this image at Viva Las Vegas Stamps, I had to make it mine. I used my Copics to color the image, but left the kitty in the image white, not because my kitty is mostly white, but because every time I try to color cats, they come out looking like they had just rolled in something dead. So white it was.

The sentiment was generated on the 'puter, since my stamp with the same sentiment is here somewhere, but at the moment is missing in action. In fact, it has been missing in action since I put everything away. See? I used to know where everything lived ...

The ribbon is from my stash, as is the little birdie image, which I think has never seen ink until now.

I also kinda like the little tufts of fabric sticking up off the couch in the image. Just like in real life. :-)


  1. I love this!!! Might you want to try to use a blender pen to feather in a black spot and black ears like Kitty has? This is so great! Give Kitty a pat for me!

  2. Ohhhh - I love this!!!!!

    I'm living breathing eating sleeping - oh wait, not sleeping - kitty right now with two spayed ones.

    So I'm looking forward to the back of the couch moment!!

  3. holy moly HOW FAB is that?!?! (both the original pic AND said magnificent card-based re-creation!) i am WAAAAAAY diggin' your imitative lifeart! ♥♥♥

    (ps on a completely inappropriate note: i do not believe for a moment your colored-in cats look like they have rolled in dead stuff...BUT...i suspect that most cats *would* enjoy it'd be another "art imitating life" kinda moment. ok mebbe not.) :)

    (WV: "trines"...aka railway vehicles in the eastend of london; "awl da sowf-bound trines is runnin' late today, guv'nor"...)

  4. This is adorable! You are so clever hanging the bird "picture".

    Very cool card :)


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