Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Ferris Wheel (Inspired) Card

Here is my entry for my Ferris Wheel Day card challenge. Now before you cry FOUL, hear me out.

When I first thought about being just inspired by a Ferris Wheel, I thought about a large scallop. I have seen several card sketches that incorporated partial circles, some scalloped, so that's where this all started. Of course, it totally morphed from that point into something completely different...

I started with another pack of Basic Grey 6x6 papers - this time it was the Bittersweet pack, with lots of pinks and reds and hearts and stuff. I traced a Stampin' Up! Carousel Note onto the back of the wildest piece, and being too lazy to cut it out, I figured out the retired SU corner rounder was just about the right size to punch out most of it, so all I needed to do was trim the points where every two humps meet. Huh? I cut it out, okay?

Over the next two days I added the gray layer under the scallops; the two layers of ribbon over the paper seams (that is lace ribbon, and I have a lot of it...think: ribbon outlet...); the cat, which was free-floating until the very end.

Then tonight the rest of it all came together in about 5 minutes. The busy scallop piece was really bugging me, so I cut a partial circle out of one of the neutral Basic Grey pieces to cover up most of the 'busy', then it all fell into place. Suddenly I had a place to put a sentiment! When exiting The Other Room, I stopped by my Box Of Miscellaneous Ribbons and grabbed a length of some fun yarn, and there you have it. I even stamped the sentiment crooked, just for old time's sake. ;-)

And now that I have spent my last grain of energy posting this little ditty, I need to go take a shot of something strong and hit the hay to rest up for another round of The Day Job tomorrow. I bid you g'nite.


  1. Holy Crow ! This is not your everyday CrookedStamper card.
    When I get home I am coming over with beeswax and are ready for collage.


  2. I love it! Very impressive pattern mixing- I'm not quite there yet. That is one heckuva cute cat stamp- do you know where he's from?

    Lace: a lovely addition to a card :)

  3. i think it's TOTALLY ferris-wheel-ish! not to mention: totally fun, totally funky, totally exuberant and totally ♥INSPIRED♥!

    (btw, you keep sayin' yer not at all collagey...and i keep having to point out cards like this and say, "YOU ARE, you know!") (i rest my case!)

    (WV= "bartions"...hmmm...the portions of something you trade for portions of something else?! generally used in a dessert context, i expect...) :)

  4. You and Lauren should get an award for your collage talents! This card is fresh, fun, and a little, funky-Leslie style :)

  5. WOW...this is AWESOME!!!! Totally loving it ♥
    I just ordered this BG 6x6 and now I can't wait for it to arrive so I can play with it....YUMMY!

    OH, and that sentiment is


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