Friday, January 16, 2009

Spot The Mistake - The Reveal (Addendum)

I have one minor correction from my Spot The Mistake - The Reveal post. I gave Liz extra points for identifying the following: (I made 2). should be (I made 2.) My response to this was: "Absolutely true. The punctuation should be inside the parentheses at the end of a sentence." which is wrong, wrong, wrong. The punctuation goes inside the closing parenthesis only if the entire sentence is enclosed in parentheses. If it is just a portion of the sentence or a few words at the end of the sentence, then the punctuation goes outside the closing parenthesis.

I just got a new book and daily calendar called "Common Errors in English Usage". You people are in trouble now!

And Liz, don't worry. You'll get to keep your bonus points. ;-)

If you played Spot The Mistake, make sure to send me your mailing address. I am filling up a chair with loot to be divvied up, and I hope to get to the PO tomorrow. Send your address to (do NOT post it in a comment, please!)


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