Monday, January 5, 2009

A Birthday Card

Uh, yes, *I* made this. What? Not what you'd expect from me, you say? Well, no it is not. Not even close.

It all started with Lauren's post using a caardvarks sketch. I thought I could use this sketch for my January birthday cards, and maybe, since I am even thinking about working on them and it is not the 30th yet, they might not all be belated birthday cards. Maybe.

All the paper I used is from the SU Frosty Days DS paper pack. The blue pieces are the flip side of the dotted piece - too easy! I measured and measured and then cut the pieces and layered them on Chocolate Chip card stock for, you know, contrast. I layered the dotted DS paper on Kiwi Kiss and layered that whole thing on a top-folded Bashful Blue base.

Then I looked at it. It was soooooo much a typical Crooked Stamper product that I felt the need to do something a little different. I started by layering up some Pretties Kit stuff: a few flowers and a piece of bling. I decided to add a Scallop of Kiwi under them, and it pretty much obliterated the Orange DS paper underneath it.

The blue pieces looked too boring, so I grabbed some of my still-too-big stack of last year's SAB rub-ons and put some of the Choc Chip pieces on the remaining three sections of the card. The ribbon is the Poly Twill Choc Chip that sadly retired, or at least is no longer available for purchase. The stuff is reeeeeal yummy, and I did not hoard nearly enough of it.

So that's it, and it came together in about 30 minutes, to boot! There is not one lick of stamping on this, so I think I'll put a sentiment on the inside, just to throw off the recipients. They'll never expect that from me!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. be careful. everything on this card looks straight. maybe it's because of the angle. either way....just to be should nudge the bottom left panel over just a bit.
    I'd hate to see you ruin your reputation.
    oh and did you play with your new toy? or am i never going to be able to shop with you again?


  2. This looks perfectly did you manage that? I can't no matter how carefully I measure and cut.

    This is fabulous! I was tempted when I saw Lauren's card too; now I have to try it. Your card turned out beautifully.

    this is *SOOOOO* bloomin' AWESOME!!! how on earth did i miss this in the flickr group? i absolutely ♥LOVE♥ it!!!!!!!!!

    (you DID post it, right?! if not, GO's a REALLY good prize this time, as well! THIS POST essplains the uploading details, should you need them!)


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