Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He Is A Real Cutie Pie!

I was bad. I went shopping. Online shopping, that is. One of the things I got was this $1 stamp. Isn't he just too cute?!

By the way: I am one of the 1/2% of the world's population that could live quite happily if I never again consumed anything in the chocolate food group, so this is obviously a card someone else would send, not moi. The sentiment came with him (2 stamps for a buck!), but I think I might be able to find other things for him to say, too. I'll have to check my irreverent sentiments stash.

I stamped him on PTI white card stock with Memento black ink, then colored him with my Copics.

I made up the layers and layout all by myself, and I used up a few square inches of retired papers, too.

Along the way, I have sustained a minor crafting injury. Yes, my beloved readers, The Crooked Stamper became a casualty of her own stash. I knelt (kneeled?) down in The Other Room to rummage in my 12x12 storage thingies for DS papers, and my left knee cap hit something very solid. Could you hear me screaming? I did it silently, but I thought some of the disturbed vibes surrounding me might have hit the atmosphere. Man, oh man, did that hurt. And it still hurts two days later. I'm talking serious hurt. Not Emergency Room hurt, and not to the point where I cannot walk or drive my manual transmission vehicles, but still, I'm just sayin'. Yowza! It has not turned a funky color yet, but I'm just waiting. Any day now ... Yeah, lotsa drama here.

Did I clean, or widen the path in which I was knelt (slumped over)? Nope. That solid-object hazard still exists In There; I am just more aware now.

Well, I need to put the Cuttlebug away again in preparation for this weekend's Clean Sweep and workshops. Oh, and my ink cartridges arrived today for my photo printer, so after my workshops, I'll be able to get back to my scrapping project. Yay!

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  1. So what the heck was the hard thing you knelt/kneeled on??

  2. Yeah, he is cute! 2 stamps for $1?! These were a bargain!

    I love the layers, the sketch, the colors...everything! This is a really great card.

    NO PRESSURE, but if you want me to sell anything you've posted this week, put 'em in the mail! These are all fabulous :)

  3. Very cute. You've been a very busy gal.


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