Thursday, January 15, 2009

How To Make A Custom-Size Scalloped Layer*

Remember this card? When I posted it, I said it was Stampin' Up! only. So, what's with that Kiwi Kiss scalloped rectangle? Let me show you, in painful step-by-step detail, how it was done.

Step one: I punched four scallops with the SU Square Scallop punch. (I got lucky and it fit perfectly, which you will see here momentarily, but you could do this for almost any square or rectangle size. Just keep reading and it will all be revealed.) I also put tape on the back of my top piece at this point.

Step two: Stick one end of the sentiment (top piece) to one of the scallops.

Step three: stick the other end of the sentiment to another scallop. See how easy this is?

Step four: Turn the sentiment over and hold the third scallop where I have mine ever-so-lightly set down on the back of the piece. I needed two hands to hold the camera...sorry.

See those red arrows? You want to overlap the two scallops so the top and bottom corners of the scallop pieces align. See the next photo for what it looks like.

Here are the two scallops overlapped and aligned, to the best of my ability, anyway. Go ahead and press down on it so it sticks reeeeal good.

Oh, I forgot to take a photograph of what would be Step 4b: The next thing to do is make sure to put a piece of tape on the inside edge of each of the two scalloped pieces, as this will hold the final piece in place. I trust you to figure that out all by yourselves.

Step five: Turn the piece over so the sentiment is face up. You want to align the top with the top and the bottom with the bottom again. I did this by picking up the whole sentiment piece and hovering over the last scallop to line up the corners. You can only do this really well on one side; the other side will be, well, you get what you get.

Those red and blue arrows identify the sides of the last piece we just attached to the back to fill in that gap. You can see they are not perfect, but they are pretty darn close.

TaDa! Here is the finished sentiment.

Here are some more of those pesky red arrows, to show you the overlaps that maybe you did not catch the first time around.

And one more time: the finished card. Easy Peasy, non? See how easy it would be to make just about any size square or rectangle? The only thing I'd say to watch out for is to make sure you alternate the layers; that's why I put both end pieces on first, then worked my way to the inside. That way both ends were 'flat' and the overlaps were in the center. Now that I think about it, maybe that was not such a good idea. But I have to ask you: how many of you noticed all those overlaps before I pointed them out to you?

Now go forth and layer to your lil' ole heart's content, ya hear? I think I need to go stamp some birds or something ....

* Disclaimer: I did not invent this. I have seen it several other places in Blogville.


  1. i didn't notice the overlaps, but i didn't get out my magnifyin' glass either LOL

  2. it looks a bit crooked. nice to see you are not losing your edge.


  3. Great idea, TFS Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


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