Sunday, January 18, 2009

Because I Feel Poopy

Earlier this month I posted a Birthday card I made for The Pioneer Woman. In that post I mentioned the inside of the card included the image of a pooping bull, which amazingly enough, several people actually asked to see.

So here you go. Today, this is how I feel: poopy. I am fighting what I believe to be my annual sinus infection, and this year it has settled in my chest, so I have coughed so much my throat is raw. And I am feverish. And, most importantly, I am too weak to stamp. I have tried, but failed to produce. All I want to do is go horizontal on the couch, so that is what I think I'll do. Until it is time for bed, which last night was 8:30. See? These are desparate times.

Hopefully I'll be able to see the Doctor tomorrow and get some good drugs medicine so I can shake this thing. Oh, you'll know when I'm back. ;-)


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Have you tried to use a neti pot? A friend of mine uses one and hasn't had a sinus infection since. As Huey Lewis would say..."I want a new drug". Be well.

  2. Ugh! Those sinus infections can be killer. Hope you're taking it easy and that you get something from the doc tomorrow to get you well. Take care of yourself!!

  3. Sorry you're not feeling well. Times like these it IS best to just veg and recover. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. yepper...that's a poopin' bull all right! and as expected, it's completely hilarious! i bet these will be sweepin' the nation before national ferris wheel day arrives!!! :)

  5. Sorry you feel so bad. I'm with Brenda...try using the Neti Pot (says the girl that should use it everyday, but gave it up months ago...)

    I am glad you are still funny even when you feel like poop.

    TFS the bull!


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