Monday, January 12, 2009

Spot The Mistake - Round 4

It has been quite a while since I've had one of these little soul-wrenching contests, as I have been more than anal about proof-reading my posts so as not to embarrass myself publicly. But last night, with much consternation and finger twitching, I decided to leave a few typos in my post so I could host another round of Spot The Mistake. Yep - this is another pitiful attempt to increase my readership from 3 (maybe 4) loyal, beloved readers, but more truthfully I need to get rid of stuff!

So go on, read last night's post, find the typos (there is/are more than one), and post back here with your findings. Each poster will win something from my stash. It's getting pretty bad In There, so I should be able to pull things off the top of the pile fairly easily.

Da rules:
One win per person, no matter how many mistakes you find or how many times you post.
I might be overcome with emotion and include a little extra something if you do find all the mistakes.
Extra points for finding mistakes I have not yet identified.
I reserve the right to REMOVE items from your winnings if you point out mistakes I have left in previous posts, but was too lazy to go back and correct, so don't even go there.
Extra points for identifying what just happened here:
Bonus: Since I am typing this pre-caffeine, and only doing a cursory review of the spelling (I have already corrected 6 mistakes), you'll get a bonus stash item for identifying typos in THIS post. ;-)
Bonus: Since I am typing this pre-caffeine, and only doing a cursory review of the spelling (I have already corrected 6 mistakes), you'll get a bonus stash item for identifying typos in THIS post. ;-)
Contest ends at midnight Wednesday/Thursday.

Let the games begin!


  1. I only noticed two things "Whatthe" was one word vs. two, but it's your blog and maybe you meant to do that you typed "aslo" for also beneath your inside card pic of the brown scalloped piece.

    For extra points, you changed your font for the bonus, but it reads exactly the same as the "bonus" paragraph below.

  2. 1. Whatthe???

    2. I aslo scalloped

    3. well, I don't know why.

    4. bonus paragraph repeats did that happen??

    i love spot the mistake!!!

  3. I got 4:
    1. side-by-side
    2. 4" long, (needs comma not period)
    3. I also scalloped
    4. more, well, I don't know what.

    I love hunting for typos! Thank goodness you don't see my raw copy, it's horrendous!

  4. Hello...thanks for the game...

    Whatthe not a's two words

    aslo is also

    4" long needs a comma not a period

    there are many words capitalize in sentences that don't need to unless you wanted them highlighted

    In it's getting pretty bad in There... it should be there

    I think a few of the sentences are kind of run on sentences.

    As for the one paragraph, the font is changed

    The sentence I don't know why should be what instead of why

    I don't think you need a comma after C'mon

  5. You are cracking me up! Sorry I can't enter, but unless it's blatantly obvious (i.e. bolded and in large font), I read typo fluently.

  6. I found only 3: whatthe should have a space; side-by-each isn't a phrase; aslo should be also

    And the bonus was in Webdings font.

    And I have never posted to a blog, ever, so you must have some special power over me (I think it's the promise of goodies). I am a faithful reader, though. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I like your writing style as well as your card style. And I even read some of the links that you post.

    Keep up the good crooked work!

    Kandy A.

  7. Hi Leslie,
    I am guessing that:

    (I made 2). should be (I made 2.)

    4" long. should be 4" long,

    I aslo scalloped should be I also scalloped.

    For the bonus - did you copy and paste when you meant to cut and paste?

    Seriously, I enjoy your writing so much, I would not have spotted any errors if I didn't go LOOK for them!!



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