Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Victim

My friend Mariam is visiting this week, and I swore from the first moments of planning this trip that I'd make a stamper out of her. She is crafty - she quilts and writes (her first novel is scheduled to be published* in January!), but I know she just tolerates the stampers in her Twitter time line. I'm pretty sure she's commented that we're "blah blah blah-ing again". So you see, this was a challenge I couldn't let go. I just knew that once she saw how much fun it was, we'd convert her to the dark side.

So that wedding card Sue and I made last weekend? Mariam watched from behind her Mac Book. Mmm-hmmm. Today she agreed she would make a card (I think to shut me up.) Since she's a quilter, she made this:

which is based on this card I made a while ago. But it was HER idea to add the lace at the top, and it was HER idea to make it look like a turned-down bed sheet. She put the sentiment on the inside. See? I think she's teetering on the edge. (come to the dark side ...)

Back to that wedding card. After her incredible success with the quilt card, she asked if she could decorate the outside of the envelope of the wedding card, so we did:

Yeah, I need to fire that photographer. ANYway, here's a more in-focus detail:

The lace and hearts were her idea; the charm was my idea. I LOVE how this turned out! :)

She says she already has enough hobbies, and she's seen the Captain's Quarters, so I think she may be a bit scared. Let me just say she may or may not have a stamp in her possession, though. Like in her suitcase. On purpose. Mmm-hmmm. I rest my case.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Now go pre-order her book!


  1. Truth: I now own a stamp. And I had to actually talk Leslie out of it. But I will NOT become a stamper. There's WAY not enough room in our house. Way. Not. Enough. Room. ;)

  2. I love that she put the sentiment on the inside, because as you know, I like to put the sentiment inside and allow the outside to stand in its own glory.
    Great Card Mariam ! You had no other choice but to give in to Leslie's rubber ways.

  3. Well, it was either that or get smacked. What is a girl to do.

  4. Gorgeous card and envie and hope you enjoy your trip!

  5. I think she is hooked...reel her in to the dark side now...before she has time to rethink....great the embossing on that quilt card....


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