Saturday, July 23, 2011

It Was Time

This morning my craft table looked like this:

and under that piece of paper with the current Mojo Monday sketch challenge was this:

Here's the left side of the table:

And the right side:

On the back of the right side is a small three-drawer unit that is barely visible:

Something had to be done, so I started to clean and put things away even before I took my shower! Yes, it was that bad. Along the way I found this, so I thought I'd show you:

My failed Jingle Belles card from last night. The one with the red Stickles that went everywhere. They are dry now, and it's not half bad. Hmm. This card followed the Mojo Monday sketch I had out on top of everything.

I worked and put things away and moved piles of stuff and stowed inks and ... in the end, I have this:

Ta-da! A full 11x16 work space! Let's look around, shall we?

Here's the cleared-off top of that small drawer unit:

It now holds only a framed ribbon wreath in progress, and that sits on top of a pile of "do these some day" sketches. That area in front of the drawer unit got very little attention today. Still needs work.

On the left side I have a new box for all my new and not-yet-used stamp sets and dies:

Yeah, there are a few. That box to the right holds some misc embellishments and things that really have no home. And look - room for my heat gun on the table surface!

Here is the center section with all my STUFF:

MUCH better.

And finally, the view from my broken chair that has me about nose high to the table:

*sniff* It's a beautiful thing.

The papers on the work space are for cards that are not quite done. The stuff on the left is for three more of my failed version of this week's Hambo Hoedown challenge. Yes, not only did I screw up again, I cut parts for four cards. Sigh. The pile to the right were cut for a previous SOS challenge to use really old papers from your stash. Those papers are really, really old SU papers. I usually start with the paper and a card stock layer, then sit and think what to do. I'm still thinking, which is probably why I didn't use more of that paper.

So now that I have some elbow room, I think I'll go stamp something. Maybe even use one or two of those sketches I've printed and not used. :)

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  1. OMgoodness! I was actually holding my breath-panic attack style when I saw your workspace. I literally took a nice deep breath over the "after" pictures. MUCH better indeed! I like that snowman card VERY much!!!

  2. I feel like you're a kindred spirit...generally my desk looks about the same after a date with me, and my chair is broken too. The height is about right, but the back just falls off every now and then for sh*** and giggles.
    Saw a great mug the other day that said "Organized people are just too lazy to look for things." Amen.


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