Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Wedding Card

One of my house guests this weekend is a fellow SU Demo Sue, so we had to get crafty. I'm in my usual "OMG, my Stamp Camps are next weekend and I have no cards planned yet" mode, so I've been blurfing for inspiration, and along the way I stumbled upon this card. GOR-JUS! Love the white-on-white. So when my other house guest Mariam (yes, I have two) said it would be a pretty handsome card to give her son for his upcoming wedding, well, what were we to do? It had to be made.

Naturally I didn't have the exact same parts, but we chatted and plotted and played and this is what came out:

Isn't that fun?!?! And it's 100% SU, though I did use a Sharpie to color the pearls black for the tux. Here's another version:

The shirt in this one is plain.

Check out the detail (click for a better view):

On the "bride" side, we stamped the plain white heart with the Fine Flourish stamps and embossed it with Iridescent Ice embossing powder. It's fabby. :)

The "groom" was made by cutting a black heart in half and folding over the centers to make lapels. The bow tie is a piece of black 1/8" taffeta with a rhinestone stuck on it. That Sue is one clever gal!

We like them both and let Mariam pick the one she wanted. And for any of my customers reading this? We decided it's too fussy for a class card, so no worries. But I will taunt you with it. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! Classy & cute at the same time.

  2. Love these - you guys are so clever! I've seen something similar before but it was way more fussy than yours and I like yours better.

  3. Love it!!! Hi Sue! Hi Mariam!! How's the east coast?!?!? So, you can confirm Leslie is real?!?!

  4. this is so perfect. Not too fussy ...not too plain....just right.

  5. duuuuuuuuuuuude!!! that is ♥AWESOME♥!!! and i cannot agree that it is too fussy... but then i am the queen of taking a year and a half to make ANYTHING so i might be the wrong person to ask. gonna bookmark this, tho, cause i SO wanna make one! ♥♥♥!

  6. Really, really beautiful! Love the black pearl buttons & that cutie bow tie :)


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