Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hambo Hoedown #26 - Are You A Rebel?

This week's Hambo Hoedown challenge asks "Are you a rebel?" OMG, I AM! Totally. If there is a way to do something differently than everyone else, I'm sooo there!

Here is the image we got (free if you played last week and remembered to email them your card):

He's an adorable rebel, non? :) I may or may not have still been a bit delirious after sitting outside all day, and then napping around dinner time, but here's my card:

Please allow me to explain myself. This all started when I grabbed that black piece of paper from the Heaplet (The Heaplet, it shrinketh), then I went looking through the Heaplet for a piece to coordinate with it. I found a piece that had black/dark grey in it, but it also had pink and froo-froo and, well, there was that whole rebel thing, you know, so I went with it.

I already knew he was going to have flowers in his gun barrel, but the rest of this card evolved as I made it. First, I cut the piece of black too short, so when I cut another piece to fill in the bottom, instead of having the two pieces meet and the seam covered with a piece of ribbon (very not-rebel-friendly), I opted to leave the gap, thus showing more of the pink, and making it look like I meant to do that.

Now about that shading. I knew I wanted to shade the edge of the die-cut oval, but I didn't know that using that new sponge dauber would be so challenging. I detested the little circle-looking smudges, so in an attempt to smooth them out (impossible for me, obviously), I ended up sponging more and more of the white to where he's kindof in a haze now. I totally meant to do that.

For my next trick, the rebel in me decided MY stitching on this project (our required element - can you believe I even remembered?!?!) would be non-traditional. That's when I decided he was going to have a knee patch:

(hee hee, oh, and please ignore my fantastic coloring, thanks) Okay, then I thought since that little bit of rebel-ness would cause me to not only be disqualified from the challenge, but maybe even banned from future challenges, I added some more faux stitching over the I meant to do that gap between the pieces of black paper:

So there you have it - my entry for this week's Hambo Hoedown challenge. I sure hope I'm invited back.

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  1. You are a true rebel! Your card rocks!

  2. Not only are you a true rebel, you are a rebel rouser - haha!! I love your little patch all faux stitched up and thanks for taking us along on the journey of making this card. It turned out great.

  3. I didn't notice the patch at first -- what a creative way to add the stitching! I love all the distressing too. Great job Leslie!

  4. What a cute way to add stitching! love it! Thanks for playing in our Hoedown this week!


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