Thursday, July 7, 2011

(NOT) Hambo Hoedown #23 - Dog Days

I wasn't going to post this separately, but it's so stinking HYSTERICAL that I have to do it. You know how with the Hambo Hoedown challenges I always forget to read the instructions? And when I do read them, I forget to send them my card to get the free image? Well, guess what? I've done it again, only I didn't stop until I was done with not one, but TWO cards, so you'll get to see them, then I'll go weep.

Here's this week's image (free if you played last week and remembered to send them your card image, which I did like the moment I posted my card LAST TUESDAY!):

We also had a free digi of the cat version available, so I did both. Oh, this week we were supposed to do a ROUND card, so here are mine:

NOT ROUND! AAAAAAAAACK! Since I totally blew it, twice, I didn't even bother with the sentiment because WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!

By the way, that's not dirt on the waves - it's blue glitter, but who really cares since it doesn't count?! :(

In other news, I have company hitting town tomorrow evening, so I may not have time to do a ROUND card for this challenge. Or maybe I will. Who knows? But you totally should go make one, because these images are very cute, and you'll probably remember to make it ROUND. Sigh.

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  1. Very cute. Just cut them into circles.

  2. Leslie, it's a mark of a great mind; your mind is so busy with greatness, it can't be bothered with the trivial and mundane ... right? Doesn't that sound good?

  3. I love these, sweetie-head. And you. These are great & BRILLIANT cards. And like all brilliant minds you just can't be bothered with trivial things. ;)

    The kitty one is especially awesome. :D

  4. Oh for pete's sake...I just cut my image out and totally forgot the round part. I hopefully now will remember when I go to MAKE my whole card. ROUND...anyways these are cute and I like the background paper!

  5. OMG, you are so funny. I love your non-round, round cards. They are really fabulous.. all of the colors work perfectly together, and I'm really diggin' that patterend paper.

  6. ...but there's round ON the cards! Nice job! I'm one for not reading directions, too, so I can sympathize!

  7. well, i'm sorry they don't count for the challenge... but they are still AWESOME cards!!! i've totally done that, too though, with regard to not reading instructions properly or even (this is worse!) reading them and then FORGETTING b/c i got distracted by something shiny! sigh. back to my original point: these are ♥FABULOUS♥ abd will sell next week at the farmer's market, i predict!!! :)


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